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Add a Little Wood to Your Life!

The world is so saturated with the technology nowadays that we begin to forget our roots. Just take a look around- we wake up in the morning to the sound of our iPhone 4 chirping crickets. A quick stroll to the bathroom and we are brushing our teeth with an electric toothbrush or shaving with an electric razor. A full day of working on our Mac at work leaves us feeling like a zombie. Finally we get home, sit in front of the TV and fiddle around on our iPad until we get tired and go to bed. Then it starts over again…

We are surrounded by so much technology that we begin to forget our roots. That is what Root Cases-, a company based out of a small town in Idaho, strives to achieve- integrate nature with technology! They want people to remember each day just how beautiful nature really is. They think that Wood cases are our solution to this problem.
Root Cases are all made with great precision and care. Each one is very unique and has a bit of its own character due to the nature of wood- Bamboo, Zebrawood, Walnut and Wenge. They are the real representation of how to blend technological tendencies with stylish woods! Whether you need to protect your iPhone 4, Macbook, or iPad, Root Cases is working on a solution. These cases are ridiculously sustainable!

They go even further in their efforts in helping the planet, Root Cases has joined 1% for the planet, a coalition of businesses that donate 1% of profits to further the growth and sustainability of the earth. Also, for every wood iPhone, Macbook, or iPad case sold, they will plant a tree!

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