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iPhones, as well as everything in nature, are not perfect as it may seem at first glance. And as everything in nature, it needs support and prevention as well. Since its release in 2007, iPhone users have experienced many problems concerning connectivity issues or "missing" functions. So, here are some FIPs (Frequently Incurred Problems) that the users of Apple iPhones of all generations, mostly come across with.

  • Front Glass/ Touchscreen Blemish

The boldest problem of all- even if you happen to drop your iPhone, the screen is cracked, while the phone works normally, as before. You can feel the scratch with your finger, it hinders you while watching videos or viewing images, or simply, you get tired looking at it. Fortunately, there are number of companies providing solution of this problem and replace the front glass/touch sensor/digitizer assembly completely, but still, try to be more careful with this gentle part of your beloved iPhone.
Another outcome of dropping your iPhone may be LCD damage, which is expressed by a big blotch on your phone screen, preventing to see what’s displayed behind. Most often it looks like an ink-splotch. In the best case, you may see some fractions of viewable area at the top of the screen. Solution from this situation is one – LCD replacement.
  • Battery Replacement
Complaints about the batteries mostly concern the longevity of the time, it needs to be charged. For your luck, the replacement of your battery with an exact OEM is possible and widely used practice that saves your time.
  • Vibrate Switch/Headphone Jack/Power Button replacement
Very often, when silent mode is activated, your iPhone starts acting strangely, making inadequate vibrant of switches to loud mode spontaneously. This is the feebleness of the circuit that unites volume buttons, headphone jack, and power/sleep button. Luckily, the repair and the change of the circuit (if necessary), is possible, for you to get back in control of the sound and vibrations your iPhone makes. The headphone jack is also the weak spot that needs gentle treatment. The fixes of this feature is also easily available, so you can listen to your favorite songs again, without replacing your iPhone with some other devices.

Moreover, concerns with home button, docking charger or data recovery are commonly problematic for iPhone users. Unfortunately most of you may not be able to solve these problems alone, but don’t worry, there are plenty of service providers, dealing with this kind of fixes.Now the biggest problem for Apple is considered to be the last release, iPhone 4, that is not incompatible with older iOS devices.