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Apple creates a mini version of an iPhone4

Apple has introduced a new mini-model for its iPhone 4 smartphone, according to the Bloomberg. The news agency claims it has an anonymous source, who attended the introduction.

According to the information the anonymous source provides, is much smaller than iPhone4 and will be sold for 200$ without a contract with cellular operators. Presumably, the smartphone will be introduced to the wide market in summer 2011. Apple makes no comments about this rumor- neither confirms, nor denies.

Apple is going to compete with relatively cheap Android smartphone developers with this new device. The new version will be about 33% smaller than the current iPhone 4, told a reporter to Bloomberg who has seen the prototype. According to the report by Bloomberg, this new version of iPhone will also allow dual support to use GSM and CDMA networks.

It was also reported earlier, that Apple is working to create the digital analogue of a SIM card, named universal SIM.