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Handcase launches Gune in 4 more languages

The Handcase Gune after launching, its search engine and added 14 new mobile tools: Google News, Bing news, Picasa, Friendfeed, Wikipedia, Delicious, YouTube, Flickr, IMDB, Bing images, Scribd, Metajam, Amazon and eBay, now supports more than four languages besides English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Gune is a system of meta-search, mobile only, that is, their algorithm does searches on other sites and generates a single page, with a list of ten results per search engine, tuned to the screen of phones and smartphones. "The goal is to optimize the time of the user, offering a more economical and better integrated with mobile search." Ricardo Garay explains CEO Handcase.

Gune also offers a catalog of mobile sites. "As with the directory in English, which now has sites in 1500, growing an average of 140 sites per month, we invite everyone to build with us, directories for other languages. This is the face of social and collaborative Gune, and everyone is that make it what it should be, an indispensable service "summons Garay.

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