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Super Bowl XLV: iOS users vote on Steelers!

NPolls composed a survey of 1.244 iPhone/iPod/iPad users in US, asking who voters thought were going to win the XLV Super Bowl this Sunday between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Results were close in percentage (51% and 49%)!

This poll was created with the NPolls iOS App between 24 and 28 of January, among iOS users across USA. Majority of people voted for a Steelers victory by only 1% difference. 65% of people agree that this year’s Super Bowl game will be close in score, with less than 7 points difference between both teams.

Supporters are extremely confident in their team’s win. 96% of voters who chose Green Bay Packers were confident their team would take home the Vince Lombardi trophy. Steelers supporters had a smaller confidence percentage of 90%. One thing is for sure, supporters for both teams agree that the game will be decided by less than 7 points difference (63% among Packers fans and 66% among Steelers).

Voters were asked to predict the MVP of this year’s Super Bowl, predicting quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. Of overall votes, Rodgers received 36% of votes while the Roethlisberger received 33% of predictions. Packers’ wide receiver, Greg Jennings, was the third most voted player with 16%. 

Voters considered players Heath Miller, Mike Wallace and Troy Polamalu, as well. Among iOS users, Dallas Cowboys are considered the most favored team in the NFL, with 13% of supporters. New England Patriots ranked second with 11% of the vote. When asked about this year’s worst team performance, voters did not hesitate in claiming that the Cowboys were the most disappointing in the 2010 NFL season, with almost one third of votes (30%). Minnesota Vikings ranked second with 17% of votes. 43% of Dallas fans claimed their team was the biggest flop of the season.

When voters were asked what team was the biggest surprise of the season, four teams emerged as front-runners with only 3 p.p. difference between them: Seattle Seahawks (20%), Chicago Bears (18%), New York Jets (18%) and Green Bay Packers (17%). The biggest shock of the season, claiming 42% vote of Chicago supporters, was the Bears loss against the Packers in the NFC final.