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White iPhone 5 ?!

One more interesting hot rumor that thrilled the world - the officially delayed and often rumored white version of iPhone 4 has reemerged as the white iPhone 5 . One more Next Generation iPhone!

According to the Economic Daily News, the previously unheard rumor of white iPhone 5 will feature a touch panel supplied exclusively by Wintek Company. If that’s true, then the white iPhone 4, officially scheduled for a spring 2011 should be available just prior to the launch of the next generation iPhone 5 in white, anticipated for a summer launch in keeping with Apple’s typical launch cycle.

Not claimed to be true, not exactly ideal, but it’s only the first of many related rumors to come. However, some people say that Apple created the “idea” of a white iPhone in order to take control of the media. In an exclusive interview with Steve Jobs he goes on to say …” Apple makes such amazing products and we get the press whipped up so well, we can announce a product that we have absolutely no intention to ever make…”

Is it all about marketing, or is White iPhone 5 is really going to invade the market? Who knows…