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Alarms Go Crazy Due To DST

Alarm clock on the iPhone went out of order for many of iPhone users due to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. The woes have been reported after the clocks went forwards over the weekend, mostly in the UK.

According to BBC reports, some, though not all, some iPhone alarms have were unsuccessful in going off, while others went off the wrong time. Users have shared their worries about early alarms, or alarms that failed to go off at all. However, others reported no problem with the alarm altogether.

It is said that the fault had an effect on only non-recurring alarms that were set within the iPhone’s calendar application, not on those set within the iPhone’s alarm clock app.

Apple has made no remarks on this event yet, but it seems strange that in subject to the alarm problems in the US due to DST and the concerns with alarms over the New Year last year, when alarms went back surprisingly, the issue is still timely…

However, some users have reported no problems with the iPhone alarm or clock when the UK moved from GMT to BST (British Summer Time) over the weekend. What’s your case? Did DST affect your alarms as well?