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Join Finders Keepers - iTunes Gift Card for the Winner

Finders Keepers is a social interactive game about collecting. It simulates treasure hunting in the real world where other iOS devices are the treasure.

Each iOS device unlocks a random Finders Keepers item. Items can be...any thing really. They range from Uncooked Fettuccine Noodles to Zebra Eating Grass to Dirty Green Welding Mask to Chocolate Chip Cookies to Distortion Effects Pedal to...well you get the idea. With each iOS device potentially containing an uncollected Finders Keepers item, you may never look at another iOS device the same way again.

Finders Keepers is a social game for everyone and it's FREE!

Feature Highlight
* Over 2,000 unique items, and growing, to collect
* Over 40 different categories of items to discover
* Broadcasting Feature that lets you collect items from other Broadcasting players at local Wi-Fi hotspots
* Sound Notifications that alert you when new items are located or players retrieve your item (For Broadcasting Mode Only) 
* Gain XP points for Giving/Receiving items
* Gain XP for simply hunting at Wi-Fi hotspots
* Level Up to increase your item's XP value
* Share your discoveries with others through integrated Social Networking Services 
* Full HD Retina Display Support
* Game Center Support with Leaderboards and Achievements
* Custom Item Creation

Become the first player to reach level 10 in Finders Keepers and the $50 iTunes Gift Card is yours!!!

How To Enter:
* Download the Finders Keepers App (it's free)
* Start Leveling Up: You gain XP for giving/receiving items and hunting at local Wi-Fi hotspots
* Post a Photo on the Finders Keepers Facebook Page when you reach Level 10

You can download the game right here.