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This is a lot more Beatles in our iPhones!

The rumor has been spread around the whole world, that the new generation of iPhone4 with the gigantic 64 GB memory is sold under the table... can you guess where? In China, of course.

MIC Gadget said the gadgets are available in a small quantity. The jumbo iPhone, which is most probably an engineering prototype, have a striking similarity to the lost iPhone prototype which made its way to Gizmodo. The website said it checked out the engineered prototype of the phone and that its owner said he acquired it "from a source who has a small quantity of these prototypes."

The report about the jumbo iPhone explains that if you go to Settings -> General -> About to check the storage capacity, it is indeed a 64GB model, running iOS 4.1. Additionally, it is not SIM-locked.

According to AppleInsider, it should be noted that the prototype, even if authentic, does not guarantee that Apple plans to release a 64GB iPhone 4. The only available iPhone4 is either sold in 16GB or 32GB configurations.

Though reports said the prototype was leaked from the Foxconn factory, there was no confirmation for this. It could also be a case of Apple deciding not to launch handsets based on this prototype but some units making their way to consumers in China.

AppleInsider also cited reports speculating that Apple may have decided against mass producing the jumbo phone due to cost constraints. May it be true or not, but we are all pleased to imagine even more Beatles staff in our iPhones….