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The Uptightest Moment Ever!!!

One of our recent posts was dedicated to the rumor of iPhone4 with 64GB memory existence. The rumor is still timely, and even the video appeared nowadays, proving this awesome fact! 
The device is basically an iPhone 4, marked as having XXGB of memory on the back. It has 64 GB of memory, and some details are quite similar to the iPhone 4 prototype obtained by Gizmodo in April 2010.

The upcoming iPhone 5, which we have already discussed in our previous post, is rumored to have a bigger screen and a better camera. This leaked device, however, reveals very little detail about the next generation of the device, other than the notion that Apple is at least considering an iPhone with 64 GB of memory.

This moment seems closer than ever, as even pictures and video of an iPhone prototype with 64 GB of memory have been posted!

Watch The Video & Voice Up!!