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Shipping the Next iPhone starting in September

After that the tale that Apple won’t publicize the next-generation of iPhone in June or July (which was the case with all prior iPhone announcements) was spread, here arises a report that the new iPhone is in fact upcoming in the first month of the fall.

While Apple’s providers will begin manufacturing in July this year, the completed device is likely to begin shipping in September, Reuters reports, based on the  sources familiar with the matter.

As for what the definite augmentations of the next-gen iPhone, the details are limited as always; one of Reuters’ sources claims the device will look similar to the iPhone 4, but it will feature a faster processor.

To roughly summarize all the iPhone rumors and reports we’ve heard so far, this is what we can conclude: the white version of the iPhone 4 should become available within 2-3 weeks; the iPhone 5 (if that’s what Apple will call it) will be an evolutionary advancement, visually similar to the iPhone 4 but with a better camera, processor and a bigger display.