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Using Augmented Reality to Write Memo

The iPhone applications Development Studio Yudo is proud to announce the release of his newest creation: Air Memo, an application that uses Augmented Reality in order to allow the users to write and post their memos all around them.

Air Memo is an application that allows the user to write on a 180 degree environment around him by using to the technique of Augmented Reality. The use of the application is simple and easily accessible even at the first launch. Its interface is intuitive and is suited to everyday life needs.

We are used to write evry day post-it or memos that we stick on the desk or computer monitor, but without the opportunity to consult them as soon as we go out. Now thanks to Air Memo, you can access anywhere and at anytime all the memos you stuck all around you simply by moving your iPhone horizontally into the space around you.

Using Air Memo, you will be able to write and stick immediately all the things passing through your head, or paste pictures (with optional extra charge) in your virtual space. When you have finished writing, the memo will be reduced to going to stick to the place that you designate. You can drag voice memos you have written and move them wherever you like. The contents of your memos will be automatically saved in the application until you delete it.

Finally, this online application is available for free so that many users can try it. You can find in in an App Store in Utility category. The app is available worldwide.

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