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Sounds!!! - Free Fun With Your iPhone!

Sounds!!! is a new and easy to use app, suitable for all ages and preferred by younger. You can easily browse the categories and play lots of funny or relaxing sounds, such as:

Laughter: from the sweet laughter of a child to that of a hysterical crazy!
Animals: from the dog to the cat, to the chicken, the horse, the pig, the donkey and the monkey!
City Sounds: the bells of the Church to wake your grandmother, the jackhammer and many others.

The app contains total 127 sounds for free. There are also 33 additional PREMIUM sounds available sounds in a single package as in-app purchase, including Farts ( to shame the one next to you), Burps (with no need to describe) and Screams/Shouts (some horror and schizophrenic ones ).

Since its release the app has already become the top of Italia’s favorites- it’s currently among the TOP 10 most downloaded free apps! Now it’s time for you to try and amaze your friends and colleagues and have fun with your children or grandchildren with this funny app! 

To download Sounds!!! for Free click here!