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Apple Makes Jailbreaking More Challenging On IOS 5

When Apple announces the release of iOS 5 late this fall, consumers who’d like to jailbreak their devices might find the process more difficult than natural.

While examining the code for iOS 5 beta 2, the members of the iPhone Dev Team revealed Apple is putting actions into place to make it more challenging for iOS 5 users to rollback to previous versions of iOS.

It isn’t unusual for more progressive users to want to try out the latest non-jailbroken software and then revert back to a former version so that they can benefit from their jailbroken features. The recent workaround is for customers to back up their SHSH blobs before upgrading the software. This guarantees that an older version of the OS and firmware can be restored later.

With iOS 5, Apple is shifting the way that the blobs are created. The blobs will be renovated every time a device is rebooted, meaning that solely having an old version of the key won’t permit users to install an older version of the software.

While this doesn’t avert groups like the iPhone Dev Team from finding deeds and making tools available so that users can jailbreak their pieces of technology, it might make maintaining a device in a jailbroken state more difficult.

With iOS 5, Apple will also be viewing doing over-the-air OS advancements, meaning that the software can upgrade itself without needing to connect with iTunes. In principle, this means that Apple could push out small updates to cover exploits, avoiding a user who has agreed to install said update from jailbreaking their device.