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BEE Social with Buzze

Bored with usual social networking apps, with no innovation and standard features? Here comes BuzzE - an exciting and FREE new social networking app that lets you interact with the people around you whether you are at a bar or baseball game. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later.
BuzzE helps you find who is near you and lets you communicate with them by chatting, swapping virtual gifts, and enjoying fun games. You can use BuzzE for either

Meeting people;
Whether you're shy or social BuzzE can help you interact with people near you. Get to know people around you by chatting, playing games, and exchanging virtual gifts.

Getting closer to your friends
Whether it's inviting your friends to your private parties or just staying connected with them BuzzE can help bring you together through the friends feature.
or for
Finding places to go;
Whether you're looking for nearby events/parties or looking for happening places BuzzE can help you. The events section will list all the events in your area. The map view will show you where all the people are at so you can join them or avoid them.

If you need to find something remarkable to do there is thousands of events scheduled across the United States. The app features an interactive map that helps you find the hot spots in your area by showing you where users are gathering and whether you are desired to join or avoid them. You can also publish your own events as well and make them private for friends only or public for anyone who wants to kick in.

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