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Bubble Spinner – 2 on Your iPhone

If you like playing games for free you are probably a fan of free, flash-based games like Bubble Spinner on your iphone. If you like testing your visual acuity active game combines older arcade game and your reflex skills, Bubble Spinner can provide hours of challenging fun. Many different websites offer a version of the game, but the play is essentially the same everywhere. Here are some things to remember about playing Bubble Spinner when you’re looking to kill a little time.

Bubble Spinner – Online And Free

One of the best things about playing Bubble Spinner is that it’s free just like playing casino games on your iphone. With video game consoles costing several hundred US dollars in a retail store, it can be expensive to find a fun game to play. But downloadable games like this one don’t cost a dime. Plus, video games and discs typically cost money too. Not with Bubble Spinner, as your console is your iphone and the cost is zero.

Bubble Spinner – How To Play

The goal of the game is to burst all of the bubbles for every given world. Players start out looking at a large circular pile of bubbles set on a pinwheel. The bubbles are all different colors, and mixed up pretty well, with no more than two bubbles of any one color touching each other at a time. Then, one at a time, you shoot your colored bubbles into the mass of other bubbles, trying to connect and match colors in order to form three or more bubbles in a connected chain. These connected colors then burst and fall away opening the next layer of bubbles for you to shoot at. The idea is to eliminate all of the bubbles by matching them all up. Remember that just because a group of bubbles seems inaccessible on the other side of the game spindle doesn’t mean you can't get to them. The bubbles bounce when you shoot them at the wall, and you can try to skillfully bounce the bubbles directly into position. If you make too many mistakes, more bubbles appear on the spinning clump.

Bubble Spinner – Beware of The Spin

Indeed, the thing that sets Bubble Spinner above its arcade-style predecessors is the spinning involved. Shooting t at the clump pushes it in the direction of the shot. Once it’s spinning it makes it much more difficult to time your shots and make matched connections between the bubbles. So remember to try and shoot in alternating directions toward the wheel in order to help keep it stable.