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China - The Second Largest Market for App Store Downloads

China has developed to be the second largest market for App Store downloads, according to an independent study. The leading market is the U.S, no surprisingly.

The whole amount of downloads in Asia grew meaningfully in the former six months, though downloads from western republics shrank.

Unluckily for many app developers, the amount of paid downloads and overall sales revenue still lag behind the U.S. (by about a third) and Europe. Customers would rather download the free version of an app than spend a few dollars for the top, ad-free version. Customers in Japan are more willing to pay for apps, than those in neighboring countries.

In-app consumptions are also straggling behind, underscoring the need for developers aiming Asian markets to follow alternative monetization strategies, such as promotion.

The research also found that the mainstreams of popular iPhone apps in Asia are only popular in Asia and nowhere else. This is particularly true in China, South Korea and Japan. In countries such as India and Indonesia, app localization is less significant.

However, the U.S. and Asian countries demonstrate the same partialities in terms of content. Games are tremendously the most popular category in both groups, followed by entertainment. Social networking apps are the third most popular app type in Asia, while photography apps are the third most popular group in the U.S.