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Talk To Your Phone with Voice Actions!!!

A unique app that enables you to control your iPhone through speech commands. With Voice Actions by Pannous you can voice dial your contacts, set alarms and reminders, listen to music, send emails, get news, facts and translations, search images, videos, apps and places and much more! The app allows you to engage into conversation with your beloved Apple device and get answers to even your strangest questions!!!

The app is very accurate and is extremely helpful and convenient while driving. You can see some of the numerous commands you can ask the app to do:

Call your friend at home
Text your beloved  that you love her/him
News about Barack Obama, anyone or anything you’re interested to know about
Set an alarm clock or simply wake up on Monday at 8am
Ask for the distance to the moon, sun or any other destination
The capital of Brazil … and other simple facts!

SMS function will be added in couple of days. Note that most things can be said in many different ways, no need to memorize commands, the app speaks your language! 

The recent changes made to the app are that you can add calendar events through speech and ask for weather forecasts. Visit the app website  for more information.

To download the app from Apple App Store click here .