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Google+ Coming to Hit App Store (after approval, of course)

Have you already registered an account on Google+? For those who aren’t aware, it’s a social network just worked out from Google.

Google+ is already available on Android and on the mobile web, but not yet for iPhones. But no need to worry, as the search giant’s social network will soon make its debut on iPhone and iPad as well.

As Google engineer Erica Joy exposed on Google+, “the Google+ iPhone app has been deferred to the App Store and is awaiting approval.”

We all have anticipated the app to come to iOS as well, but not expected it all to be accomplished so operatively. Based on preceding experience with the authorization process, we believe that the Google+ iOS app will be unveiled about the next two weeks’ time.

Google+ is still in private beta and needs private invites to entree. In spite of this restriction, Google+ has rapidly become the hot topic of the social media space. The feedback to Google’s social initiative has been mostly optimistic, but the corporation will have to verify that it can set itself apart from Facebook while keeping users.