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Improve iPhone 4 Battery Life

Ever wondered how to upsurge the battery holdup time of Apple iPhone 4? Here are some tips which will help in prolonging the battery life of your latest iDevice. This tips are more specific than those listed by us in our older post.

Modify Screen Brightness - Brighter light will eat more battery life when equated to a lesser bright light. You can lower the brightness of your iPhone 4 by entering the Settings and then Brightness option.

Turn Off 3G this is the fact that you browse super-fast with the 3G, but it’s highly recommended that you to turn it off when it is not in use. This will certainly add up another boost to your battery savior. To turn off 3G (and to turn it off as well) open Settings; go to General menu and chose Network.

Wi-Fi is actually a nice way to stay linked to the internet, but make sure to turn it off when Wi-Fi is not in use. To change Wi-Fi settings, open Settings and then Wi-Fi. Sounds and Vibrations – You can turn off the needless sounds, such as Lock Sounds, Keyboard Clicks etc., and vibrations to save your battery. To adjust sounds and vibration settings, open Settings and find Sounds menu.

If you’re using an application which keeps sending you notifications, disable or uninstall it to save battery life. Close Applications - As you all know, iPhone 4 supports multitasking, so dredge up to close an app when you’re not using it.

Empty your battery at least once a month and charge it back to 100%. This is one of the best methods to get the most out of your battery.

If you track these tips, you’ll assuredly be able to save a lot of battery life.