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iPhone to China Mobile

Officials at China Mobile have had conferences with Steve Jobs about fetching the iPhone to the world’s principal mobile operator, according to the new reports. The iPhone is presently offered in China from the transporter China Unicom. The carrier is a minor operator compared to China Mobile, but that hasn’t cramped the country’s craving for the phone. Apple devices have proven to be popular in China; with iPhone 4 sold 100,000 units in just four days.

Actually, China Mobile by now has nearly 7.5 million iPhone users on its system, notwithstanding selling the phones through its channels and even though iPhone devices running on China Mobile don’t have admission to 3G. China Mobile uses its own network benchmark, TDSCDMA, which is different from the two alternatives that Apple supports for the iPhone 4. Bringing a phone to China Mobile would fundamentally entail producing a China-only modified iPhones.

Previously this might have been looked at as untenable, however, the size of the Chinese marketplace, as well as the fact that Apple now makes a CDMA variation (for carriers like Verizon), besides to its GSM standard iPhone, makes a China Mobile iPhone much more possible.

So here are the latest updates:

* Apple, China Mobile hope to launch iPhones as soon as possible
* H1 net profit up 6.3 pct, quickest pace since H2 2008
* H1 ARPU per month down at 70 yuan vs 72 yuan year ago
* Shares close down 0.6 pct vs 1.3 pct fall in broader market (Adds chairman, fund manager quotes)

via Reuters