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Pro-Share Announces Update!

Remember we’ve reviewed one of the “what’s hot” apps - Pro-Share by iApps24 recently? We are happy to announce an update! For those who aren’t aware, Pro-Share links all the hottest social networks and enables you to share your photos with just a tap to the whole world! You no longer need to use different slowcoach apps for different networks; with pro-Share, being among top 100 apps in 5 App Stores, including US and UK, you can: share, review, connect, transfer and capture!

As for the update, see what has changed:
The video capacity increased- you can share videos up to 15 minutes long!
All the Ads removed from the app- Pro-Share is now completely Ad Free!

All the “buggies” are now fixed and the app is more efficient now than ever! Take a look at the Pro-Share features once more, you’ll be impressed! So with Pro-Share you can:

Upload full size images without compromising quality
Simultaneously send/receive over Bluetooth/WiFi
Upload photos/videos in the background
Add captions and comments to photos
Create new photo album or a photos/video batch via Cover-Flow
Queue & send multiple albums with single tab

For more information click here.