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Apple Employee Lost iPhone5 Prototype In the Bar

One of the world’s most popular – latest model of Apple smartphone, that has not yet been launched and is probably the most awaited iDevice ever, has been lost by the Apple employee in the bar in San Francisco.

The information about the loss is still kept secret, but a person close to the investigation process revealed that the missing prototype has not yet been found.High-tech innovation is likely to already been sold on the Internet auction. iPhone 5 is going to hit the world market this fall.

It is not the first time, when the company's products scandalously disappear before their official release by Apple – one of the tech-blogs managed to hand last year's iPhone 4 - a prototype, which they bought for $ 5000 from student Brian Hogan. The blog published the iPhone's unique technical reviews and exclusive photos of the newest device then.

Hogan claimed that he found an unknown iPhone model in San Francisco, close to the pub in the yard, where it had been presumably dropped by one of Apple’s engineers.