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Apple- The Most Admired Company In Terms Of Its Customer Experience

Apple has been crowned the most admired company in terms of its customer experience, in a survey of global business leaders. The survey, conducted by customer-experience experts Beyond Philosophy, looked at the risk that re-branding and other initiatives could have on customer experience for a company, but also at which brands the surveyed individuals most admired. Belos you can find the quote from the survey report:

The top three companies most admired by CE experts for the customer experience they deliver are technology companies, with Apple ranking first, followed by Amazon and Zappos.

“Apple has married all the elements of its experience and connected with its customers in a  deeply emotional, irrational way,” said Walden, adding, “Amazon put a stake in the ground when  it announced it would become the world’s most customer-centric company, and Zappos claims  to be a customer service organization that happens to sell shoes.”

“Well-established CRM technologies allow these companies to use the data they collect to deliver a highly-personalized experience,” said Walden. “But there’s something more inherent to the way these leaders deliver the experience; they use the copious data they collect to truly understand customers and their motivations in order to deliver a satisfying experience in a meaningful way.”

Other companies ranking in the top 10 most admired for customer experience include, in descending order: Starbucks (retail), Disney (entertainment), Tesco (retail), Virgin Atlantic(aviation), Vodafone (telecom), Nordstrom (retail) and First Direct (banking).