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Create Unforgettable Memories with WatchMeChange

An innovative app by MJH, WatchMeChange allows you to watch family and friends’ faces changing through quick pictures the user snaps each day, automatically positioning the photos into aright order and creating short time lapse video.  The app is quite simple- all you have to do is to snap a pic of yourself or your beloved ones daily, and the rest is done by WatchMeChange!

Despite the face version, there are a weight loss and pregnancy versions available, taking full body shots and allowing you to track your weight or how far along you are in your pregnancy. WatchMeChange is perfect way of watching your child grow day by day, or create unforgettable memories of your pregnancy or just watch your beard grow over an extended period of time! You can even have multiple users and export the video in HD as well!

The app can be used for hundreds of different purposes- track your house building, your pet growing, your home-plant blossoming day by day! WatchMeChange will never let your most touching moments disappear from the memory! Here is the incomplete list of the WatchMeChange features:

Creates a time lapse video of you or your loved ones changing over time;
You can have multiple users;
Share the video on Facebook, YouTube, or twitter;
Export the video in HD and add music from your iPod library to the video.

WatchMeChange is available in the Apple App Store in the lifetime category.