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Great Expectation of iPhone5

It’s no doubt that so much-awaited iPhone5 is coming, after Apple has announced a media event with the slogan “Let’s Talk iPhone” on October 4th. The huge buzz is surrounding the next generation smartphone by Apple, the rumors are uncontrollable, one and all ant to guess what an iPhone5 will look like. Here are some features that we all expect from iPhone5 to bring:

A Brand New Design- this is the most discussed topic of all! However, numerous pictures of new iPhone cases have been released, which in no way could hold the previous versions of the iPhone. See our Gallery of possible iPhone5 designs, were you can find the best, but still the fake photos of iPhone5 appearance.

Faster Performance- Microsoft released Mango update, Samsung is striving for better performance… So to keep up with competitors, Apple most likely will be upgrading the RAM on the iPhone 5. Faster and smoother performance- this is what we all would like to get!

Better Camera- iPhone4 has been introduced with the increased camera capabilities, so logically, it’s expected that iPhone5 camera should be even further sophisticated! Many experts believe the screen will be larger, the camera will be 8 megapixels instead of 5, and the iPhone5 will allow for full 1080p recording!

More Carriers- Apple has gradually been outspreading its’ reach to new carriers. There is some rumor that Apple will comprise new carriers for the iPhone 5. Some rumors have specified T-Mobile will be included, especially with AT&T trying to buy them. Sprint will likely be presenting the iPhone 5 with an limitless data plan, which AT&T / Verizon no longer offer.

iOS 5- iPhone5 will obviously be launched with a new operating system, providing up to 200 new features! You can see exactly what’s included on the Official Apple iOS5 page

Voice Recognition- As long as Apple acquired a voiced-based personal associate service Siri last year and has not used it much at all, at least that we know of. Apple may be incorporating this service on iPhone5, offering us voice recognition feature!

More we speak, further our needs go, so not have a huge customer gap later, let’s quit imagining now and wait for October 4th for the truth to be unveiled!