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How To Turn Battery Percentage Meter On

For those who have ever wanted to know the exact remaining percentage of their iPhone battery life, we have a quick solution. Out of the box, the iPhone has a battery meter which is a graphical representation of a battery, showing you the used and left capacity of your iBattery. As it is very small, it is hard to accurately tell how much battery life you have left. There is a way to make it much clearer, read on to find out how to do it.

To turn on the battery percentage reading, follow the simple steps listed below: 

Click on Settings;
Click on General;
Click on Usage.

You will now see a page with information on the usage of your iPhone together with the time since last charge, standby time, call time and data usage. All these are very interesting, but far from the topic, let’s get back to battery life: Turn on the toggle for Battery Percentage.

Once turned on, you will now see the percentage of battery life remaining in the top notification bar throughout the operating system screens. That’s it!