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iPhone5 Rumor Roundup

via Mashable
Apples iPhone5 is probably the most awaited smartphone in the world. The rumors reach the culmination about the latest iDevice, that will presumably exceed the excitement and the sales of iPhone4.

The so-much-anticipated iPhone5 is said to hit the market this fall. By now, there are numerous rumors about the launch date, the design, price and features of the latest smartphone. So let's look back and see what has been said and written so far. So, off we go... and start from our first post about iPhone5.

Not claimed to be true, not exactly ideal, but it’s only the first of many related rumors to come - White iPhone 5 ?! - instead of iPhone4 white version...

The other day the other source claims that he has evidence of iPhone 5 coming in July ?! (sorry, would have been coming), earlier than expected, and brings up some news on the features added and the changed design.

Some time later we get the news about iPhone5 More Details , and brings the sensation -  observers noticed a tell-tale signs that point to an A5 processor inhabiting the new iPhone 5 while examining the iOS4.3. This is the same chip that gives the iPad 2 its spanking drive!

Then some sad news come along- about iPhone5 Delayed?! The reports claimed that due to the fact that the components required for iPhone5 functioning are not yet ordered by Apple. This affects the launch date: the delay is expected.

After being disappointed by the fact that July has passed with no news from Apple about iPhone5, "the  sources familiar with the matter" reported that while Apple’s providers will begin manufacturing in July this year, Shipping the Next iPhone was starting in September

Then some pessimistic source decided that  if Apple does launch an iOS5 that is incompatible with the 3GS, they are cutting off a lot of their existing market (?!) so We Would have See An iphone5 Next Week?  (that should have been in July...)

Then there came the iPhone 4th Anniversary! and the rumors about iPhone5 had stopped for some time... But that silence did not last to long- iPhone5 was still voiced in some Latest iPhone Headlines in August...

And the last news heard was that Apple Employee Lost iPhone5 Prototype In the Bar-  one of the world’s most popular – latest model of Apple smartphone, that has not yet been launched and is probably the most awaited iDevice ever.. 

Conclusions are up to you to make....