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Not Enough iPhone 5’s At Launch

Apple won’t have sufficient amount of iPhone 5’s at unveiling – actually a need of panic! Rendering industry sources, by the reason of a manufacturing fault at a plant belonging to Apple’s subcontractor company Wintek, there potentially will be fewer iPhone 5 units transported to the USA than it was initially intended.

Conferring to DigiTimes, air bubbles in iPhone 5’s LCD screen lid were the definite defect that Apple had to treat with.

The company planned to ship 25-26 million units of the iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter of 2011, while WinTek had to provide around 25% of the LCD sensor units. Obviously this won’t be happening now, so depending on demand Apple might not have enough units available for every person who’s looking forward to upgrade.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is projected to be introduced in October 2011.