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Pro-Share Updated Again

Remember we’ve reviewed one of the “what’s hot” apps - Pro-Share by iApps24 not long ago? We are glad to announce one more update! For those who are still not aware, Pro-Share links all the hottest social networks and enables you to share your photos with just a tap to the whole world! You no longer need to use different straggler apps for different nets; with pro-Share, being amongst top 100 apps in 5 App Stores, counting US and UK, you can: share, review, connect, transfer and capture!

Pro-Share seems to be one of the fastest developed apps in applications industry, announcing second update since its launch several months ago. To better suit your requirements, Pro-Share now offers video uploads up to 10 minutes, font editing feature straight from the app and many more! Once more about the app features:

Upload full size images without compromising quality
Simultaneously send/receive over Bluetooth/WiFi
Upload photos/videos in the background
Add captions and comments to photos
Create new photo album or a batch via Cover-Flow
Queue & send multiple albums with single tab

What's New in Version 2.2
Basic image filters
Ability to manually start upload queue
Improved video upload

So do not miss your chance and visit Apple App Store to get Pro-Share for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. (Or for all of them if you’re lucky enough to own all three iDevices)