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Track The Falling NASA Satellite In Real Time

For those who are not still aware, out-of-control US satellite tumbles back to Earth and will hit the ground in several hours. 26 pieces that NASA says will survive the burn-up re-entry through the atmosphere have a 1 in 3200 chance of hitting someone – which will most certainly end their life.

How could you get ready for such an event? Even though the odds are slight that you’ll get bombarded on the head (1 in 3,200), unless you’re underground, most of the remains could easily slice through the roof of any common building…

But do not lose the hope, despite endangering our lives, NASA has also thought about the solution- the satellite tracking app for your iDevices that is available in App Store for FREE! Users can access NASA countdown clocks, image of the Day, online videos, NASA’s Twitter feeds and the most important- the NASA App also provides three different views to allow users to track the current positions of the International Space Station and other spacecraft currently orbiting Earth!

The question is whether NASA had known about the possible catastrophe before, or the app has just been developed for curious sky gazers. Anyway, as several hours are remaining before the UARS falling satellite reaches the earth, go and get the NASA App to increase your odds of avoiding the satellite falling on you.