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Ultimate New Experience With iDuhKnow!

Let us introduce iDuhKnow – a maddening, addictive, irritating, frustrating game for iPhone and iPad 2 by The Illusion Factory  / Questsphere ! If you’re looking for the ultimate new experience for your iDevice, this game is exactly for you then. iDuhKnow is the newest game to bring the best of the new technologies to life.

The game is very fun, charming, stimulating and totally unlike the other games you’ve played. iDuhKnow is available in the Apple App Store for FREE , just so you can get a taste of what is about to come…This is just the beginning. If you discover that you are passionate about this cutting edge new 3D interactive brain quiz, rest guaranteed that there is a much more robust version that is coming after this one!

The big thing to note is that if you solve this game, you will be entered for free into a drawing to win an iPhone 5! All you need is to provide accurate information while registering, and you get a chance to be one of the first lucky owners of the much awaited Apple’s latest device!

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