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10 secrets about SIRI

One of the most useful functions of SIRI is ‘commands,’ also known as ‘talking to your phone.” Most people know its main abilities but here are some secret capabilities of the feature.

Did you know that SIRI can:

Understand many basic symbols, emoticons and punctuation marks, as long as you say them by the right name. Examples include “open parenthesis”, “close square bracket”, ” “frowned face”, “new paragraph”, “pound sign”, etc.
You should choose among and ask the SIRI [Punctuation/symbols/emoticons]

Play not just a song, but a whole playlist for you.
The keywords are Play playlist [playlist name]

Give you a short list of e-mails from the contact you ask for.
You should command the following words: Find all email by [contact]

Show you all your appointments for today, tomorrow, or any date, you wish.
You should say: what’s on my calendar for [date]

Search the competition for you, if Google is not your cup of tea.
Say the phrase: Search [Bing/Yahoo]

Search for. Whether you want the latest scores, show times, etc., if you phrase it just right, SIRI can often find it for you.
You need to say: Search [Google/Bing/Yahoo] for [specialized information] [time] [place]

Tell you the name of that actor you know you have seen before but just cannot remember.
To receive an answer, ask: Who was in the cast of [movie]?

Delete all alarms, not just individual ones.
Just say: Delete all alarms

Message your status right to it, if you have set it up on any social network that lets you update via SMS.
The keywords for Siri are: Message [Social network] [Status]

Re-spring the Springboard. It is not a full reboot, but it is faster.
Use the word Restart.