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Siri Tips for Your iPhone 4S

Here are one or two useful little tips that you may not be aware of that can make everyone’s use or Siri a little more fun. Apple’s latest innovation to come to the iPhone gives users their very own digital assistant, which really boils down to voice-activated commands. It is, of course, a little more interesting than that, and the way users can talk to their iPhones in real-world language is, at times, a sight to behold. So here are the tips:
Changing Siri’s Definitions

* While the whole point of Siri is being able to tell it what you want to do using the power of your voice, it doesn’t always get it 100% right. We’ve noticed a couple of occasions when the system has recognized what we’ve said for the most part, but got a couple of words wrong. Rather than starting all over again, we noticed that you can actually tap on what Siri thinks you said, and then edit it. Once edited, you can then resubmit it. We’re not sure if that will help Siri to learn in the long-term, but we sure hope it does.

Change What Siri Calls You
* How to change what Siri calls you- you may have noticed that sometimes Siri refers to you by name during some of your conversations. If, like me, you prefer to be called something other than your full first name, you can actually tell Siri to do just that. Simple activate Siri and say “Siri, call me x,” where x is obviously your new chosen name. Siri will then confirm, and you’re done.

Tell Siri About Your Family
* How to tell Siri about your family- if you spent all your pre-iPhone 4S time watching Apple’s Siri demo videos, the chances are you noticed various overly-attractive actors asking Siri to call or message people using names like ‘Mom’ or ‘my wife’ instead of actual names. Just tell Siri what your relationships are to people in your contacts list. For example: “Siri, my wife is x” will result in the software asking for confirmation that your wife is indeed this ‘x’ person we keep talking about. This works for other relations, too. Fathers, mothers, uncles, in-laws — pretty much anyone.

Hopefully these tips will prove useful, and do let us know in the comments if you’ve got anything else to share. It’s the early days of Siri, and we’re all learning together!