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Adobe’s intriguing decision

Adobe decided to no longer develop the Flash Player for mobile browsers. It has announced that Flash Player 11.1 is the last version of Flash for mobile devices.

Adobe developer relations lead Mike Chambers assures developers that Flesh itself is healthy. He has named some reasons explaining the company’s decision:

Flash was never going to gain ubiquity on mobile devices;
Users don’t consume content on mobile in the same way they do on desktop the only difference is in screen sizes’
Developing browser plugins for mobile is much more challenging than the desktop;
Adobe wanted to shift more resources to HTML5, and dropping Flash for mobile frees them to do so.

Chambers says:  “No matter what we did, the Flash Player was not going to be available on Apple’s iOS anytime in the foreseeable future.” By the end of his post, he admits that HTML5 will take over many functions of Flash. He says:

“A lot of the things that you have done via Flash in the past, will increasingly be done via HTML5 and CSS3 directly in the browser.”

No matter what’s been said, the fact is that the reason of the decision is the battle between Adobe and Apple. Adobe’s decision says that it has lost the game.