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Make Your Music Sleep

You like listening to the music until you fall asleep but if you have to wake up for turning it off, you prefer not to listen to it at all. Isn’t it so?

Don’t worry; there is a trick for that! Did you know that iPhone takes care of your sweet sleep? It gives you an opportunity to listen to the music and it will turn off itself.

All you need is to determine by what time you want to listen to the music. After this, follow the steps:

On the home screen, open up you Clock app; 
Select the timer;
Select the amount of time you want to listen to music 
Click on When Timer Ends;
Then scroll down to Sleep iPod and click on set;
Start the timer.

Now you can enjoy with your favorite music not to think about player’s fate after you’re asleep.  For more tips and tricks about your iPhone, visit Apple iPhone Blog and make the best use of your beloved smartphone!

Of course this works on the iPad too, but that’s a bit less practical to sleep with...