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SIRI for only iPhone 4S

Some rumors have been spread that SIRI is available not for only iPhone 4S, but it works quite well on iPhone4 and iTouch 4 as well. The author of the rumor is an iPhone hacker Steven Troughton-Smith, who has tweeted that he had successfully ported SIRI to the older devices. The users of old devices were extremely happy because SIRI is the most wanted function of the phone form the very first moment it was introduced.

Apple’s official respond to this issue crushed dreams. Company’s e-mail to Michael Steeber, the iOS developer, clearly said that Apple has no current plan to implement SIRI into any other device:

“Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue: SIRI only works on iPhone 4S and we currently have no plans to support older devices.”

The fact that there are Siri files on iPhone4, meaning that it may work for iPhone4 as well, however, doesn’t guarantee that intelligent voice assistant will come for iPhone 4.

Apple spent hundreds of millions of dollars for developing SIRI and after this did anyone really expect that Apple would support plans to offer it on older devices?! It’s more than obvious that if Siri rolls out suitable for older devices as well, the iPhone 4S sales will be cannibalized!