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SIRI Hacks

SIRI had to be an exclusive feature for only iPhone 4S but then some rumors have spread  that it is working quite well on the older devices as well. After this, Apple has announced  that voice assistant does not come to any other devices but iPhone 4S. This statement crushed the dreams of users of older devices and the situation calmed down but hackers have continued working on the issue.

As for now, SIRI has been made public only on iPhone4. With the help of a hack, called siri0ous, SIRI has been made in Cydia and it actually works. All you need is a Jalibroken iOS5 device that can be iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (although some users have tipped out that it does not work on iPhone3GS). You also need an internet connection for the microphone to show up. Consider that the hack does not use Apple’s servers and it does not provide SIRI voice command features. It is Nuance-based dictation and the result is similar to SIRI. However Nuance Speech Recognition is not yet licensed officially.

See how does it work in video below and then if you decide to do this on you own, on your phone, that is very simple, add to your list of Cydia sources, then search for “Siri0us” and download it.

We have not tested it yet ourselves, so we remove the responsibility on the consequenses, if you decide to try it out.