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Apple’s Favorite App– Instagram Review

Did you know that Apple’s favorite application is Instagram? Or you have not seen summary of Apple applications  2011 yet? It is a great honor to be Apple’s favorite application, so let’s know more about Instagram to see why it is so reputable.

First of all the application is free.  It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. With Instagram’s help users are able to make and share amazing photos on their iPhone. The app is quite simple to use.

You can transform everyday moments into art with choosing one of numerous filtered effects. After this you will probably want to share your new photos. That is very simple – you can do this in a photo stream with friends to see; you can also follow your friends’ photos with clicking a single button. When you open Instagram you will find your friends’ photo updates, you can give and receive comments to express your thoughts about photos and to know others’ as well. You can also share your unlimited uploads instantly to Facebook , Twitter , etc.

As for the latest version 2.0.5, the header view in main feed, flagging feature and upload reliability are all improved compared to previous versions.

What do you think, is this application actually worth to be Apple’s favorite app of the year?