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Apple’s most particular acquisition and it is true

As rumors have already said , Apple has purchased Anobit, an Israel-based company. As predicted, it paid about $500 million to purchase the company. The story was reported in the Calcalist financial daily newspaper on Tuesday. Even the Prime Minister of Israel tweeted about the action: "Welcome to Israel, Apple Inc. on your [first] acquisition here. I'm certain that you'll benefit from the fruit of the Israeli knowledge."

Apple will use Anobit’s technology for increasing the memory volume and performance in its gadgets, although it already uses Anobit’s flash chip in the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air laptops. The chip enhances flash drive performance through signal processing.

Anobit has produced two generations of its SSD (solid-state drive) technology. Its controller is the intellectual property that sets it apart from other SSD manufacturers. The technology extends the endurance of standard consumer-grade multi-level cell flash. As for numbers, it extends from 3000 write/erase cycles to 50,000 cycles and more.

An interesting fact Calcalist says is that Apple will also open a research and development center in Israel and that will be its first outside the United States.

Although the information is official, neither Apple, nor Anobit were available for comment.