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Apple’s Most Particular Acquisition

Reportedly Apple is in talks to buy Israel-based Anobit, for the expected price of about $400 - $500 million. Anobit, founded in 2006, provides flash storage solutions for enterprise and mobile markets. Its solutions are meant to improve the speed, endurance and performance of flash storage systems while driving down the cost.

The company claims that its technology comprises signal processing algorithms that compensate for physical limitations on NAND flash. Anobit also says that its customers are among the world’s leading flash manufacturers, although it does not publish a list of them. Anobit chips are widely used in Apple products too: iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Neither of the companies could be reached for the comment about this widely-discussed purchase. That is why no one exactly knows motivation behind the action. Some rumors say that Apple is interested in Anobit’s technology to increase and enhance the memory volume and performance of “iDevices.” As we have already mentioned no one exactly knows why Apple pays such enormous sums on Non-software Company, but the fact is that after the acquisition, Apple’s advantages will wide over its competitive advantages. The company also has a collection of 95 patents at its disposal, only adding to its appeal.

In the last 20 years Apple has bought four solid hardware companies, and if implemented, this will be one of the largest ever acquisitions in company’s history and its first purchase in Israel. The acquisition will be Tim Cook’s first as well - as a CEO of Apple.

As usual before official comments, everything is predicted with rumors, but we should not forget that nothing is said or done about the issue yet.