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The Best-selling book of 2011

By the end of a year most companies sum up their performance in some areas, as Apple did . But now we will talk about other company and that is Amazon. In December it announced the list of their best-selling books of the year. What an honor to know that Steve Jobs ’s biography by Walter Isaacson has come out on top! Consider that the list takes into account first editions that were published in 2011 and includes only paid units. The ranking was culled from Amazon’s traditional book sales figures and Kindle eBook downloads as well.

Senior Editor of Books of Amazon Chris Schluep said: “After the year of recommending books to our customers, it’s always fun to see what books really resonated with them. We chose ‘Steve Jobs’ as one of the Top 10 best books of the year, and even though it was published in October, the sales have been phenomenal in both formats.”

It is truly surprising to see the book at the top of the list considering its relatively late (Oct.) publication but the impressive sales performance was conditioned with the huge show of fan support after Steve Jobs’s  death.

As for BARNES & NOBLE, the situation is a little bit different in its list of top 100 bestsellers of 2011. Through December 14, Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson rounds out the top five. What about the book’s performance as an eBook in Nook’s line-up, is even less impressive; on the nookbook bestseller list it lands at #33.