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Brighten Someone’s Day with Hugmail

Did you know that 40% of grandparents live over one hour away from their grandchildren, or that 50% of the over 75s live alone. What about the fact that last Christmas Day, half a million  over 75s spent the day alone without contact with another human? Though these statistics paint a dark, depressing picture, this is the very reason why the Hugmail app has been developed. Rather than feeling bad about the lack of contact we have with our relatives,  Hugmail  wanted to do something to help, something that can help people show just how much they care in a quick and easy way. – so says the Hugmail website.

Created as a great way to keep in touch and share photos with older relatives who feel less comfortable online, Hugmail is a message service that starts on the screen and ends on the mantelpiece. 

The Hugmail app turns photos stored on your mobile gallery or Facebook into real, printed postcards and sends them to loved ones anywhere in the world. The app is free to download, and the printing and postage will cost you a nominal fee of £1.49, no matter where in the world you want to send your postcard. 

So whether you want to send a photo of your family Christmas to those who couldn’t be there or simply as a way of saying thank you for presents received, Hugmail is the simplest way to brighten someone’s day. With Hugmail, you can:

Send full sized printed photos on high quality, thick, glossy card.
Select photos stored on your mobile and Facebook or take a photo with the app. 
Add written messages to make it more personal.
Create and send a postcard in less than 2 minutes.
Select addresses straight from your phonebook. 
Auto-save any new addresses inputted through the app to your Hugmail account. 
Send anywhere in the world for just £1.49 including cost of printing and postage.
Set your own contact reminders for loved ones

Your postcards are delivered to UK and German addresses within 1-3 working days, US and mainland Europe addresses within 2- 7 working days. International delivery could take a bit longer for fair reasons. All Hugmail postcards meet RNIB standards in terms of font size and type to ensure text is legible to the widest possible audience. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Hugmail for free now, and help brighten someone’s day with a personalized postcard this Christmas.