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Facebook App for iPhone Updated

Facebook has just released an update of its popular iPhone application, to version 4.1. The update includes Timeline Access and Faster Photo load. Now to view the new profile Timeline, Subscribes and Subscriptions, you can pop-over notifications and add people to friend lists. 

It is an important thing to note that now you can load the photos faster. The photos displayed on Mobile Timeline looks beautiful and the interface is not cluttered. When you view photo albums via Mobile Timeline, only 4 albums are displayed initially, but you can swipe them to view additional thumbnails as well. 

Consider that changing the privacy settings of the posts and editing a friend list directly is unavailable. However by clicking on the Friends button beneath someone’s Timeline cover, you can add them to friend list or unfriend with them. This is useful if you want to restrict some friends’ access to your content.

When the timeline is on, the notifications, messages and friend requests load in partial screen popovers instead of separate full screen. This is a good way to make it easier and faster returning to the previously viewed screens.

An updated Timeline gives you an opportunity to filter you news feed. This means: the news feed will show stories from a specific friend list. A button above the news feed offers you an easy way to filter friends, enabling you to highlight the desired updates.

Facebook update is accessible  for iPhones since Dec-18. Facebook states that it will soon arrive for iPad as well.