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First Video Conference App For iPhone Available

Once again, a new app hits the market, initially available for the iPhone with its iOS platform only. This is not surprising, because iPhone is currently the most sought-after smartphone, and therefore majority of app developers focus on iPhone and iPad app development. This is the first ever video conferencing app. Some of you may be wondering why is this something new, as a video feature can be used quite effectively for the same reason. The difference between Lifesize ClearSea App and a simple video feature is that app offers extremely high quality for both video and audio. Moreover, the latest security systems ensure that no data is lost. This is of the special importance, since the target audience for this app is mainly businesspeople.

Naturally, this app can be used for private conversations as well, but in this case some other, relatively law-quality services, such as Skype, are usually satisfying. But if you want to use a video conference for business, the connection must be stable and noise free. The Lifesize ClearSea app empowers business people to always be able to listen in to each conference, regardless of their location, may they be on a business trip, on a vacation or at an outdoor appointment. Video conferencing is used by progressively more and more companies, and it was just a matter of time until the technology matured enough to lead smartphones use this feature. This app offers companies and businesspeople new opportunities in terms of their ability to act. Solutions for specific clients can be arranged rapidly and companies are generally able to respond quickly on external events, competitors upsurge or other sudden changes in market conditions. This new technology will not change the business fundamentally, but it will actually have a revolutionary effect in some way.

Here are some details about the app:

- Name: Life Size ClearSea App
- One to one video conferences with any number of participants
- The only enterprise-class solution for video conferencing on the market
- Connect to each H.323 or SIP-based infrastructure