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The Polls Are Live!

Remember the announcement about our  Holiday Promotion? We are glad to announce that the Polls are now Live on our Facebook Fan PagePLEASE NOTE that we made some changes. We separated the apps into two categories: Commercial Apps and FREE Apps. 


Submit your free app for voting in our poll now! You are allowed to add the options to the poll that is already running. This promotion will last forever, with a winner announced every month! The winner App, announced on January 24th, will get a free review on our blog and will be deleted from the voting options automatically. The rest of the FREE app options will continue competeing for the next month, with all their votes kept.


To submit your Commerical App in the poll, comment the iTunes link of your app in Holiday Promotion Tab in the comments. We will add it in the poll options as soon as posted and will notify you. The poll for Commercial Apps will end on January 24th, with top 5 apps getting free reviews on our iPhone Blog.