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Thursday, June 30, 2011

iPhone 4th Anniversary Today!

Via Mashable.Com
We all are different, with different needs, from different countries, speaking different languages, with different interests.... But we all have one thing in common.... We all Love an iPhone! For already four years, iPhones have changed our lives incredibly, unlocking the anything- anywhere- anytime future and have us locked in! 

Here are some milestones in an iPhone history for you to look back and see how far we've gone since then !!!

Our First Post about an iPhone - Apple offering something innovative!

First iPhone unlocking software review on our blog - a myth ???

iPhone in 1 Million Pockets 74 days after the launch of the device - a sensation of the month!

Double Hit - iPhone enters in UK and Germany at the same time!

iPhone's Euroinvasion! - soon after a simultaneous debut in the UK and Germany, iPhone will be launched in France as well!

First Firmware Update 1.1.1 - Come on, Brick My iPhone!

First iPhone Apps' Directory - more than 200 Web apps organized in different categories (entertainment, games, productivity, etc)

Second Firmware Update 1.1.2expectedly the firmware update will break recently released hacks.

3G iPhone appearing on the horizon - from Apple's perspective, the main issue with the 3G version of the iPhone remains the battery power. 

10 Million 3G iPhones expected to be sold out! - “If Apple was to place an order, then 10 million would be a reasonable number. - says Gartner Research.

iPhones being sold like proverbial "hot cakes" - the mobile device has already topped 4 million but it’s doubtful that the trendy phone will hit its original, lofty sales estimates of 10 million units in a year.

Apple has signed up 200 000 developers for its iPhone - also, the iPhone SDK had been announced to be downloaded 100,000 times. 

iPhone to be #1 Mobile Browsing Device in the US -  worldwide iPhone requests grew 86% month over month to 668 million in December, giving the iPhone a 10.8% share of total requests

iPhone 5 coming after 4 year introduction of an iPhone ? - the world expects iPhone 5 for the end of June or beginning of July as it was for the earlier versions!

So, happy birthday dear iPhone! Wish you long live and success in an ever-changing technology world!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple Makes Jailbreaking More Challenging On IOS 5

When Apple announces the release of iOS 5 late this fall, consumers who’d like to jailbreak their devices might find the process more difficult than natural.

While examining the code for iOS 5 beta 2, the members of the iPhone Dev Team revealed Apple is putting actions into place to make it more challenging for iOS 5 users to rollback to previous versions of iOS.

It isn’t unusual for more progressive users to want to try out the latest non-jailbroken software and then revert back to a former version so that they can benefit from their jailbroken features. The recent workaround is for customers to back up their SHSH blobs before upgrading the software. This guarantees that an older version of the OS and firmware can be restored later.

With iOS 5, Apple is shifting the way that the blobs are created. The blobs will be renovated every time a device is rebooted, meaning that solely having an old version of the key won’t permit users to install an older version of the software.

While this doesn’t avert groups like the iPhone Dev Team from finding deeds and making tools available so that users can jailbreak their pieces of technology, it might make maintaining a device in a jailbroken state more difficult.

With iOS 5, Apple will also be viewing doing over-the-air OS advancements, meaning that the software can upgrade itself without needing to connect with iTunes. In principle, this means that Apple could push out small updates to cover exploits, avoiding a user who has agreed to install said update from jailbreaking their device.

Friday, June 24, 2011

China - The Second Largest Market for App Store Downloads

China has developed to be the second largest market for App Store downloads, according to an independent study. The leading market is the U.S, no surprisingly.

The whole amount of downloads in Asia grew meaningfully in the former six months, though downloads from western republics shrank.

Unluckily for many app developers, the amount of paid downloads and overall sales revenue still lag behind the U.S. (by about a third) and Europe. Customers would rather download the free version of an app than spend a few dollars for the top, ad-free version. Customers in Japan are more willing to pay for apps, than those in neighboring countries.

In-app consumptions are also straggling behind, underscoring the need for developers aiming Asian markets to follow alternative monetization strategies, such as promotion.

The research also found that the mainstreams of popular iPhone apps in Asia are only popular in Asia and nowhere else. This is particularly true in China, South Korea and Japan. In countries such as India and Indonesia, app localization is less significant.

However, the U.S. and Asian countries demonstrate the same partialities in terms of content. Games are tremendously the most popular category in both groups, followed by entertainment. Social networking apps are the third most popular app type in Asia, while photography apps are the third most popular group in the U.S.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Instant Translation with Worldictionary!

Penpower.Inc presents a new essential travel tool geared up to give you translation just right on-the-go! The Worldictionary app instantly defines and translates words hassle-free with no need of manual typing or the fuss of taking pictures.

The app is incredibly smart- by just pointing your camera to the unknown word, the app instantly displays its definition and translation. While testing, the app identified the word with an incredible ease, and has no problem of even providing the translation of two adjacent words! Note that the version also helps you to spell the words correctly in case of typing them, as it features prediction. The app features wide variety of carefully chosen languages to translate between, ranging from exotic ones such as Traditional Chinese to Danish, and Norwegian!

If you satisfy all of the system necessities scheduled below, you can enjoy the following features:

  • The instant “View and Translate” feature: allows you get 
  • By using "Advance Search" function, you can search through Google, Wikipedia and YouTube to enrich your information life anywhere, anytime.
  • Worldictionary repeatedly saves your search records. You can even build your own word database to increase translation efficiency and be able to learn the words you searched.
  • You can manually enter and translate any words as well, if no written version is available.
  • Furthermore, app features anti-shake function to get better image quality.

Below we listed the app requirements:
  • iPhone 4/3GS
  • Support iOS 4.2 or later
  • Network Connection

The app is available in the Apple App Store, to download it, click here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PirateFleet for Friends!!!!!

It’s fun to blast ships to the bottom of the ocean, but being able to do it with friends is exactly the niche that United Toy tries to fill with their new game PirateFleet for Friends! The game with wonderful graphics and sound enable you to have delightful gaming experience with your friends! You can play against friends, invite them to download the free game, or if you have no friends available you can play against a randomly-selected opponent (provided they accept your invitation to battle). The game has a new chat feature added enabling you to have a word with a friend while playing!

The points are earned for hitting ships, sinking ships, and for reacting quickly and not making your opponent wait for you to take a turn. Points are lost for firing cannon into the water. You get five cannon shots initially, and lose cannon for every two ships in your fleet that are sent to the bottom. Push notifications pop up and a numbered badge sprouts on the game icon when it’s your turn in one of your games. You can have unlimited games in the premium version, or up to three at once in the free version.

Here is the list of game features:
* Simple an' addictive, like the kid's game!
* It's online, so you can play with people who sail seas all over the world!
* For those slower pirates, fear not; it be turn based!
* Fight as many pirates at a time as ye please! (Only three in the free version)
* It's easy to invite all your mates to fight with you!
* Compare your scores with your mates!
* Retina graphics!
* Fancy push notifications to tell you when it be your turn to fire!
* Resign running fights

One of the best things about the game is the overall experience. Another best thing is the sweepstakes which is going on through July 18th and provides players a chance at winning a weekend in Las Vegas at Treasure Island!!!

To download the app from Apple App Store click here .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bubble Spinner – 2 on Your iPhone

If you like playing games for free you are probably a fan of free, flash-based games like Bubble Spinner on your iphone. If you like testing your visual acuity active game combines older arcade game and your reflex skills, Bubble Spinner can provide hours of challenging fun. Many different websites offer a version of the game, but the play is essentially the same everywhere. Here are some things to remember about playing Bubble Spinner when you’re looking to kill a little time.

Bubble Spinner – Online And Free

One of the best things about playing Bubble Spinner is that it’s free just like playing casino games on your iphone. With video game consoles costing several hundred US dollars in a retail store, it can be expensive to find a fun game to play. But downloadable games like this one don’t cost a dime. Plus, video games and discs typically cost money too. Not with Bubble Spinner, as your console is your iphone and the cost is zero.

Bubble Spinner – How To Play

The goal of the game is to burst all of the bubbles for every given world. Players start out looking at a large circular pile of bubbles set on a pinwheel. The bubbles are all different colors, and mixed up pretty well, with no more than two bubbles of any one color touching each other at a time. Then, one at a time, you shoot your colored bubbles into the mass of other bubbles, trying to connect and match colors in order to form three or more bubbles in a connected chain. These connected colors then burst and fall away opening the next layer of bubbles for you to shoot at. The idea is to eliminate all of the bubbles by matching them all up. Remember that just because a group of bubbles seems inaccessible on the other side of the game spindle doesn’t mean you can't get to them. The bubbles bounce when you shoot them at the wall, and you can try to skillfully bounce the bubbles directly into position. If you make too many mistakes, more bubbles appear on the spinning clump.

Bubble Spinner – Beware of The Spin

Indeed, the thing that sets Bubble Spinner above its arcade-style predecessors is the spinning involved. Shooting t at the clump pushes it in the direction of the shot. Once it’s spinning it makes it much more difficult to time your shots and make matched connections between the bubbles. So remember to try and shoot in alternating directions toward the wheel in order to help keep it stable.
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Talk To Your Phone with Voice Actions!!!

A unique app that enables you to control your iPhone through speech commands. With Voice Actions by Pannous you can voice dial your contacts, set alarms and reminders, listen to music, send emails, get news, facts and translations, search images, videos, apps and places and much more! The app allows you to engage into conversation with your beloved Apple device and get answers to even your strangest questions!!!

The app is very accurate and is extremely helpful and convenient while driving. You can see some of the numerous commands you can ask the app to do:

Call your friend at home
Text your beloved  that you love her/him
News about Barack Obama, anyone or anything you’re interested to know about
Set an alarm clock or simply wake up on Monday at 8am
Ask for the distance to the moon, sun or any other destination
The capital of Brazil … and other simple facts!

SMS function will be added in couple of days. Note that most things can be said in many different ways, no need to memorize commands, the app speaks your language! 

The recent changes made to the app are that you can add calendar events through speech and ask for weather forecasts. Visit the app website  for more information.

To download the app from Apple App Store click here .

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

10 Ways To Tell You Are An iPhone Application Junkie

Addictive personalities come in a variety of forms. I know people who don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or gamble, but when it comes to their iPhone, there is definitely an addiction problem. We aren’t talking the average, heavy iPhone user, here. We are talking – gone over the edge and needing intervention. It is the iPhone apps that they can’t get enough of. Here are some of the signs.

1. Mega Apps – An iPhone junkie would have lots of apps loaded on his phone. In addition to this, he will always be on the lookout for new ones, and he will know just where to find them. If there is an iPhone application available as a solution, he will be able to tell you about it and probably show it to you on his phone.

2. First Aid – The app junkie will consult his iPhone for everything and anything. He will definitely have at least one first aid app on his phone. Just tell him your symptoms, and he’ll be able to type them in and come up with a diagnosis.

3. Hand Warmer – If he is a true iPhone app junkie, he will have the hand warmer application. If he lives in Hawaii and has the hand warmer app, it is time to call the family together for that intervention. Seriously!

4. Guitar Tuner – If he shows up early to concerts so that he can offer his help to the band when they’re tuning up their guitars, then he probably has the guitar tuner app. A great app, if you actually play the guitar.

5. Find My iPhone – If he is iPhone application junkie, then he will know about the Find My iPhone Service. And he will be prepared to use it, should his iPhone come up missing. If you are the one who stole his iPhone, get rid of it. Quick! Your life is in serious danger!

6. Metal Detector – Why go out and buy a bulky metal detector when you can simply use your iPhone.  Look for the guy walking around the park using his iPhone to look for loose change. The junkies all have this one.

7. Wallpaper Apps – If you have over 50 of the 75 available apps for customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper that could be a definite indicator. One or two, maybe. Fifty? You most certainly have a problem.

8. X-ray – Yes, there is an iPhone application that can turn your iPhone into an x-ray machine. Very handy for when you trip down the steps because you had your eyes on your phone instead of where you were going. If you’re an iPhone app addict, you at least knew this existed.

9. Cigar and Lighter - The true junkie would certainly not smoke a real cigar, but he would have the virtual cigar application and the virtual lighter application available on his phone, so that he could take a puff occasionally.

10. iBeer – When you’re hot and thirsty, there’s nothing like a cold iBeer to satisfy you, right? And why have a six pack in the fridge for your friends, when you can simply offer them an iBeer? If you have actually offered your friends an iBeer, it’s time to ask for help.

It can be difficult to make the diagnosis yourself. Even your first aid app is unlikely to help you with this one, but ask your friends and family. They will know if you have an iPhone application addiction. Let them help you. It’s for your own good.
Monday, June 06, 2011

BEE Social with Buzze

Bored with usual social networking apps, with no innovation and standard features? Here comes BuzzE - an exciting and FREE new social networking app that lets you interact with the people around you whether you are at a bar or baseball game. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later.
BuzzE helps you find who is near you and lets you communicate with them by chatting, swapping virtual gifts, and enjoying fun games. You can use BuzzE for either

Meeting people;
Whether you're shy or social BuzzE can help you interact with people near you. Get to know people around you by chatting, playing games, and exchanging virtual gifts.

Getting closer to your friends
Whether it's inviting your friends to your private parties or just staying connected with them BuzzE can help bring you together through the friends feature.
or for
Finding places to go;
Whether you're looking for nearby events/parties or looking for happening places BuzzE can help you. The events section will list all the events in your area. The map view will show you where all the people are at so you can join them or avoid them.

If you need to find something remarkable to do there is thousands of events scheduled across the United States. The app features an interactive map that helps you find the hot spots in your area by showing you where users are gathering and whether you are desired to join or avoid them. You can also publish your own events as well and make them private for friends only or public for anyone who wants to kick in.

For downloading the app click here 

Join BuzzE on Facebook  and keep updated!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Will We See An iphone 4S Next Week? Probably Yes!

Apple has already announced what it intends to talk about at next weeks WWDC. Amongst other things, Steve himself will definitely unveil iOS5. Rumours about what this operating system refresh will bring have been all over the web for months. Improved notifications, speech recognition, support for theiCloud - all these things are more have been heavily speculated on. What is clear, if only by the version number, is this is a major new version. iCloud support is almost certain, as it would make no sense to launch the service (the iCloud has also been confirmed for the WWDC by Apple) and not support your most important devices.

Secondly a few weeks ago mobile phone blogger Eldar Murtazin stated, in this tweet, that the iPhone 3GS will not support iOS5 (strictly speaking he said 'iPhone 3Gs' - could be plural of 3G or could be all in that range. Most of the web seem confident he meant to include 3GS). Eldar is not always correct (though this story has just resurfaced) in his predictions, but he does carrysome weight in the mobile world and has had some notable scoops.

Thirdly rumours have also been rife on the web of a iPhone 4S, abeefed up but not radically different iPhone 4. Some people think a 'stopgap' iPhone this year, with the all singing all dancing iPhone 5 next year. Others think the iPhone 4S will be this year, but much later. Others think we will just see a full iPhone 5 next year.

My argument is this. If Apple does launch an iOS5 that is incompatible with the 3GS, they are cutting off a lot of their existing market. Whilst the iPhone 4 is outselling older iPhones considerably, the 3GS (and to a much lesser extent 3G) still has a huge market share. To unveil your new OS and tell most of your customers you can't run it makes no sense. Unless.. and here it is.. they offer a new phone for those users to upgrade to. The new phone being the iPhone 4S, a beefed up iPhone 4. 

A iPhone 4S is the perfect item to unveil in one of Steves famous 'one more thing' moments. An iPhone 5 would surely require its own announcement. But this way the WWDC can be all about the software, with the great news of a new iPhone right at the end. Something like - "It's an iPhone 4 with a faster chip, more RAM, bigger camera. Perfect for iOS5, perfect for 3GS owners wanting to upgrade to the new OS".

This way Apple can launch its new OS next week, give everybody a new phone to upgrade to (and discount the existing 4 for people who don't the expense), and let the whole market catchup to iOS5.

Then we might see an iPhone 5 early next year... well let's leave that prediction for another day!