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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Care for Your iPhone

For most of us, our iPhone is a very essential part of our life. It keeps us linked to our business, our family and our friends. It isn’t just a phone. If something happens to our phone to render it unreachable, we go into panic mode. Here are ten ways to care for your iPhone to retain it safe and functioning properly.

1. Don’t leave it in your car. Cars are not a good place to leave your iPhone, even for short periods of time. Temperature limits of hot and cold can damage your device. Hot temperatures can particularly be magnified inside of a vehicle.

2. Avoid high moisture areas. Bathrooms, enclosed swimming pools and other high damp areas can cause water damage to cellphones much faster than you might recognize. Leave your cellphone behind when you enter these kinds of areas where the air is thick with moisture.

3. Drying it out. If your iPhone should get unprotected to moisture, take the back off and remove the battery as soon as possible. To captivate the moisture, place the phone in a container of uncooked rice. Immerse the phone totally in the rice and seal the container. If no rice is available, let the phone air dry for a day before trying to operate it again.

4. Use display protectors. The surface of your iPhone can easily become scratched and marred- you should already have learned it from one of our posts. Guard it with transparent film protection sheets. Change the sheet every few months. You can even bring your phone into your local cellphone carrier and have it renewed for you.

5. Keep it in a hard case. Purchasing a hard case to snap your iPhone into is a wise investment. The case will take the punishment of abuse instead of the phone itself.

6. Car chargers. Car chargers are a great convenience, but they shouldn’t be your primary charger. You should also disconnect your iPhone from the car charger when you are starting or shutting off the car to avoid injuring it with power surges.

7. Battery indicator. At times cellphones will appear to be losing their charge more rapidly than normal, when, in reality, it is the battery life pointer just giving a false alarm. To spot on this situation, let your phone battery to go thorough dead before recharging. After doing this a couple of times, the indicator should be reset and start action correctly again.

8. Don’t overload. Your iPhone is a mini-storage device and has a restricted amount of memory. If you find your browser or apps freezing, you may be reaching your memory limits. If there are apps that you don’t use, removing them from your iPhone on a regular basis can free up more memory.

9. Don’t overcharge. It is suggested that you remove your phone from the charger once it reaches a full charge, or else shut the phone down when charging the phone. Leaving a fully charged phone plugged into the charger and turned on can lead to overheating.

10. Be aware of placement. Many iPhones are injured because of being set down on a hood or roof of an automobile, and then forgetting it there when the owner drives away. An iPhone moving loosely in a handbag is also subject to ‘battering’ by other items in the bag. Keeping your device in a separate pocket of a handbag is much favored.

Maybe you’ve already experienced any of the situations listed above. We all agree that it is simply a common sense, but most of us find it hard to learn from others’ mistakes, unless they suffer all on their own...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iPod nano – A Long Way Before It’s Here The Way It Is!

Apple products probably are the most rapidly developed devices in the world of technology. To measure the progress, let’s take one of Apples successful products – iPod nano. Below you can see the differences between the first and the 6th (the last so far) generations. You can compare the two and see how huge the progress has been in only 4 years!


Original Release Date - February 7, 2006
Capacity- 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
Colors- Black, White
Rated battery life (hours) - audio 14 hours, slideshow 4 hours
Size- 89mm, 41 mm, 6.9 mm
Weight- 42.5g (1.5 oz)


Original Release Date - September 1, 2010
Capacity- 8GB, 16GB
Colors- silver, graphite, blue, green, orange, pink, red Special.
Rated battery life (hours) - audio 24 hours
Size- 37.5mm, 41 mm, 8.78 mm
Weight- 21.1g (0.74 oz)

iPod nano actually is a global product, and its 29 UI languages prove this fact. The last version has a capacity of 240 to 1000 songs in 128-Kbps format – this is a whole library! Why do we love iPod’s so much, even now, when the world is so crowded by smartphones and numerous devices for music and video? Because: we can use iPod nano at the gym, while riding a bike, and with most leisurely outdoor activities. It’s so small and light that can clip on the collar or sleeve with an incredible ease, iPod nano has the “apple / line-out” connector, features pausable AM/FM radio, has a touch screen for stress-free navigation, and it turns on and off instead of just switching to a “sleep mode”!
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Share Your Memories With The Whole World With Pro-Share!

One of the “what’s hot” apps of the week, let us introduce Pro-Share by iApps24 ! The app that links all the hottest social networks and enables you to share your photos with just a tap to the whole world! You no longer need to use different slowcoach apps for different networks; all are united in Pro-Share for your use! With Pro-Share it's a spur-of-the-moment to capture memorable moments with your iPhone and share them with all your friends and family. In just a few taps you can post photos and videos to your favorite social network, including Facebook , Flickr, Twitter, Picasa and YouTube of course.

With pro-Share, being among top 100 apps in 5 App Stores, including US and UK, you can: share, review, connect, transfer and capture!

The app interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, allowing you to:

Upload full size images without compromising quality
Simultaneously send/receive over Bluetooth/WiFi
Upload photos/videos in the background
Add captions and comments to photos
Create new photo album or a photos/video batch via Cover-Flow
Queue & send multiple albums with single tab

This is not the full list of Pro-Share features. To see with what else can this app surprise you, visit Pro-Share homepage . But before you do that, check out the funny YouTube promo:

You can download the app right now, right here  for only $0.99! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Apple App Store Announces 15 Billion Downloads

Since its launch in July 2008, Apple’s App Store has generated 15 billion app downloads, according to Apple.

The store is the biggest in the world, offering more than 425,000 apps. Note that 100 000 of the total amount are developed exclusively for iPad!

Apple has remunerated creators more than $2.5 billion so far. Assumed Apple’s 30/70 proceeds splitting with the developers, we can estimate that Apple itself has acquired more than $1 billion revenue straight from app sales.

In January 2010, the App Store exceeded 3 billion downloads, and in January 2011, Apple declared that the App Store reached up to 10 billion downloads. In only six months apple managed to increase the amount downloads with 5 billion! If this trend continues unchanged, the smartphone giant will score all the possible records!
Thursday, July 07, 2011

Google+ Coming to Hit App Store (after approval, of course)

Have you already registered an account on Google+? For those who aren’t aware, it’s a social network just worked out from Google.

Google+ is already available on Android and on the mobile web, but not yet for iPhones. But no need to worry, as the search giant’s social network will soon make its debut on iPhone and iPad as well.

As Google engineer Erica Joy exposed on Google+, “the Google+ iPhone app has been deferred to the App Store and is awaiting approval.”

We all have anticipated the app to come to iOS as well, but not expected it all to be accomplished so operatively. Based on preceding experience with the authorization process, we believe that the Google+ iOS app will be unveiled about the next two weeks’ time.

Google+ is still in private beta and needs private invites to entree. In spite of this restriction, Google+ has rapidly become the hot topic of the social media space. The feedback to Google’s social initiative has been mostly optimistic, but the corporation will have to verify that it can set itself apart from Facebook while keeping users.