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Friday, December 30, 2011

iPhone 5 is still newsworthy

Expectations of iPhone 5  were great but after releasing iPhone 4S the situation  has calmed down and users were satisfied. Although imaginations about the dream phone was not unrealistic at all, because it was even designed   when it was scrapped.

As for now, a new round of iPhone 5 rumors  has begun. Some rumors say that iPhone5 will be launched in the fall 2012, similar release season of the iPhone 4S this year. 

It is said that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic metal to be built into the new iPhone case. Most probably this material will be used as a bezel surrounding in front of the phone, just like iPhone 3 GS bezel. It has to serve two purposes, first is to join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate; another reason is to cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the gadget, allowing the company to build the rear case out of aluminum without using a large plastic insert above the antennas.

In a word, according to the rumors, iPhone 5 will be redesigned completely, unlikely to the current iPhone 4S , which features the same iPhone 4 design. As for other characteristics of the gadget, we should wait other rumors before anything is said or done officially. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Every day increasing numbers

The impact of the iPhone 4S on iPhone application downloads has been tracked by a marketing technology company, named Fiksu. The result is that download volume of the top 200 free applications increased 15% from previous record (which was 4.91 million daily downloads).

In November the firm’s department which measures this trend, peaked at 5.65 million downloads per day – and it was topped the 5 million mark! That is an increase of 83% over November – 2010. The analytics firm reports that the addressable market in the U.S. for potential smartphone users, which includes iOS and Android, is 91 million, as for China, it is 122 million.

Although these are remarkable numbers, there are still a lot of untapped application downloads out there. Furthermore we can assume that a whole bunch of new applications will be downloaded when new smartphone users come on board.

CEO of Fiksu Micah Adler says:  “app marketers have become savvier about planning and executing their ad spends during seasonal periods to avoid paying premium prices for acquiring users. In fact, November presented them with a somewhat unique opportunity to add more users at costs that were actually below October’s.”

Fiksu Indexes data was sourced from 7.6 billion (and more) mobile app actions, which include registrations, app launches and in-app purchases. Via the Fiksu for Mobile Apps 156 million downloads were recorded.

These actions Fisku describes as “colossal expansion of mobile apps,” although the term does not express the real content of the situation…

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best-selling book of 2011

By the end of a year most companies sum up their performance in some areas, as Apple did . But now we will talk about other company and that is Amazon. In December it announced the list of their best-selling books of the year. What an honor to know that Steve Jobs ’s biography by Walter Isaacson has come out on top! Consider that the list takes into account first editions that were published in 2011 and includes only paid units. The ranking was culled from Amazon’s traditional book sales figures and Kindle eBook downloads as well.

Senior Editor of Books of Amazon Chris Schluep said: “After the year of recommending books to our customers, it’s always fun to see what books really resonated with them. We chose ‘Steve Jobs’ as one of the Top 10 best books of the year, and even though it was published in October, the sales have been phenomenal in both formats.”

It is truly surprising to see the book at the top of the list considering its relatively late (Oct.) publication but the impressive sales performance was conditioned with the huge show of fan support after Steve Jobs’s  death.

As for BARNES & NOBLE, the situation is a little bit different in its list of top 100 bestsellers of 2011. Through December 14, Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson rounds out the top five. What about the book’s performance as an eBook in Nook’s line-up, is even less impressive; on the nookbook bestseller list it lands at #33.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Unlock your iPhone

Every phone should be unlocked, that leads to independence from the carrier it is got with. However the process is connected to some tiring actions but unlocked phones have advantages above original ones, e.g. you can use any SIM and any network in the world.

However, now everything is easier with Ultrasn0w 1.2.4. That brings iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS unlock on iOS5. Users who rely on unlock on iOS 4.*.* can now update to iOS 5. Steps below will help you to unlock your phone.

Firstly you need to jailbreak your iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS using Redns0w. If you have no idea how to jailbreak your phone, click here. 

After jailbreak, head to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources;

Then tap on Edit and add the following repo:

Hereupon, search for Ultrans0w in Cydia, tap on it and then install.

After this, you will get your iPhone4/iPhone3GS unlocked, hope you have not got any problem during the process. Now you can get more pleasure with your unlocked phone.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Apple’s most particular acquisition and it is true

As rumors have already said , Apple has purchased Anobit, an Israel-based company. As predicted, it paid about $500 million to purchase the company. The story was reported in the Calcalist financial daily newspaper on Tuesday. Even the Prime Minister of Israel tweeted about the action: "Welcome to Israel, Apple Inc. on your [first] acquisition here. I'm certain that you'll benefit from the fruit of the Israeli knowledge."

Apple will use Anobit’s technology for increasing the memory volume and performance in its gadgets, although it already uses Anobit’s flash chip in the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air laptops. The chip enhances flash drive performance through signal processing.

Anobit has produced two generations of its SSD (solid-state drive) technology. Its controller is the intellectual property that sets it apart from other SSD manufacturers. The technology extends the endurance of standard consumer-grade multi-level cell flash. As for numbers, it extends from 3000 write/erase cycles to 50,000 cycles and more.

An interesting fact Calcalist says is that Apple will also open a research and development center in Israel and that will be its first outside the United States.

Although the information is official, neither Apple, nor Anobit were available for comment.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Promote Your App Now!

The Polls Are Live!

Remember the announcement about our  Holiday Promotion? We are glad to announce that the Polls are now Live on our Facebook Fan PagePLEASE NOTE that we made some changes. We separated the apps into two categories: Commercial Apps and FREE Apps. 


Submit your free app for voting in our poll now! You are allowed to add the options to the poll that is already running. This promotion will last forever, with a winner announced every month! The winner App, announced on January 24th, will get a free review on our blog and will be deleted from the voting options automatically. The rest of the FREE app options will continue competeing for the next month, with all their votes kept.


To submit your Commerical App in the poll, comment the iTunes link of your app in Holiday Promotion Tab in the comments. We will add it in the poll options as soon as posted and will notify you. The poll for Commercial Apps will end on January 24th, with top 5 apps getting free reviews on our iPhone Blog.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brighten Someone’s Day with Hugmail

Did you know that 40% of grandparents live over one hour away from their grandchildren, or that 50% of the over 75s live alone. What about the fact that last Christmas Day, half a million  over 75s spent the day alone without contact with another human? Though these statistics paint a dark, depressing picture, this is the very reason why the Hugmail app has been developed. Rather than feeling bad about the lack of contact we have with our relatives,  Hugmail  wanted to do something to help, something that can help people show just how much they care in a quick and easy way. – so says the Hugmail website.

Created as a great way to keep in touch and share photos with older relatives who feel less comfortable online, Hugmail is a message service that starts on the screen and ends on the mantelpiece. 

The Hugmail app turns photos stored on your mobile gallery or Facebook into real, printed postcards and sends them to loved ones anywhere in the world. The app is free to download, and the printing and postage will cost you a nominal fee of £1.49, no matter where in the world you want to send your postcard. 

So whether you want to send a photo of your family Christmas to those who couldn’t be there or simply as a way of saying thank you for presents received, Hugmail is the simplest way to brighten someone’s day. With Hugmail, you can:

Send full sized printed photos on high quality, thick, glossy card.
Select photos stored on your mobile and Facebook or take a photo with the app. 
Add written messages to make it more personal.
Create and send a postcard in less than 2 minutes.
Select addresses straight from your phonebook. 
Auto-save any new addresses inputted through the app to your Hugmail account. 
Send anywhere in the world for just £1.49 including cost of printing and postage.
Set your own contact reminders for loved ones

Your postcards are delivered to UK and German addresses within 1-3 working days, US and mainland Europe addresses within 2- 7 working days. International delivery could take a bit longer for fair reasons. All Hugmail postcards meet RNIB standards in terms of font size and type to ensure text is legible to the widest possible audience. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Hugmail for free now, and help brighten someone’s day with a personalized postcard this Christmas. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Steve Jobs’s statue in Budapest

Steve Jobs’s    statue was unveiled yesterday in Budapest, Hungary. The bronze statue is 6 1/2 feet (two-meter) tall and weighs approximately 200kg. It depicts Jobs wearing jumper, jeans, sneakers and glasses. The statue shows Jobs familiar pose, gesturing as if addressing the world about his company’s gadgets. As statue commissioner says, "It expresses the dynamism and the spirit of Steve Jobs." 

The statue is located outside the headquarters of software design company Graphisoft. It was commissioned by the founder of Graphisoft in mid-October, after Steve Jobs died. As for company, it was supported by Apple since 1984.

Founder of Graphisoft Bojar said that he remains grateful for the inspiration and assistance he received from Jobs. He affirmed: "Apple's support included cash and computers at a time when Graphisoft was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was, at the time, communist Hungary. Apple also introduced Graphisoft to its worldwide distribution network, which we rely upon to this day."

At the foot of the statue, on an iPad-shaped tablet is inscribed a quotation of Jobs: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do..."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Holiday Promotion- Get A £ 49 Sponsored Review For Free!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Device by Apple

We are chained to our handsets so much that we do not want to part with them, but sometimes we do have to. Researchers note that smartphones are almost never more than three feet away from their users. Therefore, the only way for your smartphone to always be with you, is a wearable device.

Some rumors say that it is been a year since Apple and Google have secretly begun working on the wearable computers. As for Apple, it promises that people will be able to see information on their upcoming iDevices. They will be able to communicate to the device again though SIRI. Author of the rumor claims:  “a very small group of Apple employees” have already begun working to prototype the device.

The device will be the hub for our information sharing and gathering. It will give us an opportunity to transmit any information in every period of the time. Internet access will become unconditional.

Wearable computer is not something new because a fancy electronic watch can be described with the same term as well. The main factor in this situation is the functionality and feature range of the devices. It seems that the last version of the wearable computer will feature a screen enabling us to augment our vision with information and multimedia.

As the picture suggests, the device will look quite similar to a bracelet. Design of the device proves that most people will like it.

In a word, it may be some time down the road before the device arrives, but we can fairly assume that this is the logical continuation of the smartphones, because they are overdeveloped by now. As a senior researcher specializing in wearable computing predicts, the next step in technology will lead to blurring of the real and virtual worlds. 

via The New York Times Company
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First Video Conference App For iPhone Available

Once again, a new app hits the market, initially available for the iPhone with its iOS platform only. This is not surprising, because iPhone is currently the most sought-after smartphone, and therefore majority of app developers focus on iPhone and iPad app development. This is the first ever video conferencing app. Some of you may be wondering why is this something new, as a video feature can be used quite effectively for the same reason. The difference between Lifesize ClearSea App and a simple video feature is that app offers extremely high quality for both video and audio. Moreover, the latest security systems ensure that no data is lost. This is of the special importance, since the target audience for this app is mainly businesspeople.

Naturally, this app can be used for private conversations as well, but in this case some other, relatively law-quality services, such as Skype, are usually satisfying. But if you want to use a video conference for business, the connection must be stable and noise free. The Lifesize ClearSea app empowers business people to always be able to listen in to each conference, regardless of their location, may they be on a business trip, on a vacation or at an outdoor appointment. Video conferencing is used by progressively more and more companies, and it was just a matter of time until the technology matured enough to lead smartphones use this feature. This app offers companies and businesspeople new opportunities in terms of their ability to act. Solutions for specific clients can be arranged rapidly and companies are generally able to respond quickly on external events, competitors upsurge or other sudden changes in market conditions. This new technology will not change the business fundamentally, but it will actually have a revolutionary effect in some way.

Here are some details about the app:

- Name: Life Size ClearSea App
- One to one video conferences with any number of participants
- The only enterprise-class solution for video conferencing on the market
- Connect to each H.323 or SIP-based infrastructure

Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook App for iPhone Updated

Facebook has just released an update of its popular iPhone application, to version 4.1. The update includes Timeline Access and Faster Photo load. Now to view the new profile Timeline, Subscribes and Subscriptions, you can pop-over notifications and add people to friend lists. 

It is an important thing to note that now you can load the photos faster. The photos displayed on Mobile Timeline looks beautiful and the interface is not cluttered. When you view photo albums via Mobile Timeline, only 4 albums are displayed initially, but you can swipe them to view additional thumbnails as well. 

Consider that changing the privacy settings of the posts and editing a friend list directly is unavailable. However by clicking on the Friends button beneath someone’s Timeline cover, you can add them to friend list or unfriend with them. This is useful if you want to restrict some friends’ access to your content.

When the timeline is on, the notifications, messages and friend requests load in partial screen popovers instead of separate full screen. This is a good way to make it easier and faster returning to the previously viewed screens.

An updated Timeline gives you an opportunity to filter you news feed. This means: the news feed will show stories from a specific friend list. A button above the news feed offers you an easy way to filter friends, enabling you to highlight the desired updates.

Facebook update is accessible  for iPhones since Dec-18. Facebook states that it will soon arrive for iPad as well. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Siri Helps Santa Get through a Busy Night

A new Christmas commercial by Apple, rolled out recently, shows Santa using iPhone 4S, particularly SIRI, for managing his 3.7 Billion appointments in a night! This video is a great example of how to effectively advertise your products, without even naming the brand or the model, or the feature name!

Now kids can really understand how Santa manages to get to know their houses and deliver the gifts to them so timely! With the help of iPhone 4S’s digital assistant, Siri, even the busiest person can successfully get through a busy day… Sorry, night!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Apple’s Most Particular Acquisition

Reportedly Apple is in talks to buy Israel-based Anobit, for the expected price of about $400 - $500 million. Anobit, founded in 2006, provides flash storage solutions for enterprise and mobile markets. Its solutions are meant to improve the speed, endurance and performance of flash storage systems while driving down the cost.

The company claims that its technology comprises signal processing algorithms that compensate for physical limitations on NAND flash. Anobit also says that its customers are among the world’s leading flash manufacturers, although it does not publish a list of them. Anobit chips are widely used in Apple products too: iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

Neither of the companies could be reached for the comment about this widely-discussed purchase. That is why no one exactly knows motivation behind the action. Some rumors say that Apple is interested in Anobit’s technology to increase and enhance the memory volume and performance of “iDevices.” As we have already mentioned no one exactly knows why Apple pays such enormous sums on Non-software Company, but the fact is that after the acquisition, Apple’s advantages will wide over its competitive advantages. The company also has a collection of 95 patents at its disposal, only adding to its appeal.

In the last 20 years Apple has bought four solid hardware companies, and if implemented, this will be one of the largest ever acquisitions in company’s history and its first purchase in Israel. The acquisition will be Tim Cook’s first as well - as a CEO of Apple.

As usual before official comments, everything is predicted with rumors, but we should not forget that nothing is said or done about the issue yet.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 3 for iPhone

Grand Theft Auto fans, it’s time to cheer up- a special Anniversary Edition of the massively popular Grand Theft Auto 3 is now available for your iDevices, promising unforgettable gameplay experience for Apple users!

The special addition of the game released recently is quite similar to 10-year-old original game, fairly considered to be one of the leading games of all time. This means that you will now have to recall all the old maps and tricks to perform successfully again.Gun play and on-foot missions are still present in the game, with improved graphics and stunning soundtracks!

Welcoming you to Liberty City, where it all began, this widely-discussed app by Rockstar Games features:

• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay

With the improved auto save mode and mission retry options, the chances of players smashing their mobile devices in obstruction is significantly reduced.

Optimized for touch-pad devices, Grand Theft Auto 3 features resizable custom controls and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later for smooth functioning. The game is available in the Apple App Store for $4.99.

Friday, December 16, 2011

MyFirstApp Review

Touch-pad devices have definitely changed the way we work, play, listen to music or watch the movies, the way we learn and respectively, the way we teach… MyFirstApp is a group of three developers aiming to bring wonderful educational games to young kids through the use of touch-pad devices. On top of sharing the same goal, what else unites a computer engineer, an educational psychologist and a graphic designer? The fact that they are all parents of children aged 1-7. So they do actually know what kids really need for learning.

Believing that the recent touch-pad revolution opens new horizons for young kids and enables them to acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills while playing with high quality, colorful and exciting games, MyFirstApp team takes a lot of care emphasizing on the educational and the developmental content for the kids, creating high quality educational games for children.

You can find 15 games designed by MyFirstApp on their website, and even more are to come! The games are arranged according to different age categories, so it is made quite easy for you to choose the right one for your child. MyFirstApp games target children with the age ranging from 1.5 to 6 years. The games are focused on developing different skills, such as memory, matching, visual perception, categorization, conceptualization, generalization, abstraction, perseverance, diligence, accuracy, concentration, spatial orientation, classification and basic motions.

At the first glance intuitive games do work on foundational skills that are necessary for success. These interactive, great imaginative apps will be loved even by the most special-need kid. Easy for children to use on their own with clear directions, the games by MyFirstApp are well done and well designed, yet simple and engaging. 

All 15 apps by MyFirstApp can be found in Apple App Store under Education category. All of the apps are compatible with iPad and require iOS 3.2 or later. Note that all the apps are rated 4+, so it is not only we, who think that MyFirstApp really changes the way kids learn…

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One more SIRI secret!!!

iOS hackers often surprise us with their trails.  As for now, according to the latest hacking users are able to control their vehicle with their voices by using Siri. Brandon Fiquett has uploaded a video recently, which depicts the capabilities of SIRI when it’s been connected to a Cobra remote starter. You will see that SIRI starts and stops the ignition of the car after it hears some command words. The trick author claims he can also lock and unlock the car and pop open the trunk as well.

Brandon Fiquett explains: “command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then relayed via cellular connection to the car. The car then broadcasts an update via RF to the key chain remote.”

We are not sure whether this information is truth, as we haven’t actually tested this out ourselves.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SkyDrive App for iPhones

Following the update of OneNote for iOS recently, Microsoft has now released SkyDrive for iPhone- a free iOS app allowing iPhone users to access Microsoft’s free SkyDrive cloud-based file storage service, granting Apple users with 25GB of Free Cloud Storage! This amount of free cloud-based storage actually is the most attractive offer, in comparison with other cloud storage services, despite an individual file limit of 100MB.

“We realize that not everyone who relies on SkyDrive for sharing photos or accessing Office documents uses Windows Phone… yet.”- said Microsoft’s group program manager Mike Torres, announcing the release of SkyDrive App for iOS.

SkyDrive is a personal cloud based storage and sharing service, allowing users to organize their files, folders and other stuff and synchronize them to all their devices, now including iPhone,  iPod touch, and iPad as well!

With this free app from Microsoft Corporation, you can:

Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you;
View recently used documents;
Upload photos or videos from your phone;
Share a link to any file using email;
Create and delete files or folders you do not use any more.

In addition to their OneNote notebooks, iPhone customers can now access all of their files in SkyDrive, create folders, delete files, and share links to folders and files directly using the Mail app. The app supports all the basic options, except the ability to see synced storage from Live Mesh, but please note that this is just a beginning!

SkyDrive for iOS supports 32 languages, including: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and more. The App requires iOS 4.0 or later to be fully functional and is available in Apple App Store under Productivity Category for FREE.

We know you love your iPhone but just in case you have been thinking about switching to Windows Phone, surely you will have the SkyDrive app there too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Microsoft App for iOS- OneNote Updated

Microsoft has just updated its OneNote iOS application to support iPad as well. This is Microsoft’s note-taking app originally offered with Microsoft Office in 2003 bundle. It is now compatible with the devices supporting iOS 4.3 or later, including iPads.OneNote was the only application available on iOS devices before the recent announcement of SkyDrive for iPhones.

In January 2011 Microsoft has released its first version of OneNote app for iPhones. As for now, latest version of OneNote, which runs on iPad, makes full use of the tablet’s larger screen with larger pages that can accommodate iPod’s features better. The improved OneNote supports more languages, a tabbed user interface, table rendering and the option to sync notes over Wi-Fi.

According to Microsoft, the application is free “for a limited time” and capacity as well- you are restricted to 500 notes. If you have more than 500 notes, you can still view them but you will not be able to edit or create new ones. Unlimited notes cost $4.99 for an iPhone and iPod Touch, as for iPad, price of the application is $14.99.

How do you think, will such actions lead to partnership between the companies, or has Microsoft decided to increase its revenues via Apple?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Apple’s Favorite App– Instagram Review

Did you know that Apple’s favorite application is Instagram? Or you have not seen summary of Apple applications  2011 yet? It is a great honor to be Apple’s favorite application, so let’s know more about Instagram to see why it is so reputable.

First of all the application is free.  It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1.2 or later. With Instagram’s help users are able to make and share amazing photos on their iPhone. The app is quite simple to use.

You can transform everyday moments into art with choosing one of numerous filtered effects. After this you will probably want to share your new photos. That is very simple – you can do this in a photo stream with friends to see; you can also follow your friends’ photos with clicking a single button. When you open Instagram you will find your friends’ photo updates, you can give and receive comments to express your thoughts about photos and to know others’ as well. You can also share your unlimited uploads instantly to Facebook , Twitter , etc.

As for the latest version 2.0.5, the header view in main feed, flagging feature and upload reliability are all improved compared to previous versions.

What do you think, is this application actually worth to be Apple’s favorite app of the year?
Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Top 3 Paid iPhone Apps This Year

As reported, Apple has made its annual list of top selling applications and other products. Here is the review of top 3 paid iPhone applications.

Angry Birds: We’re almost sure that most of you are aware with this amazing game that blew the world! Greedy pigs stole birds’ eggs. Every bird uses its unique power for pigs’ revenge; they try to destroy their defenses. The survival of the birds is at stake.After you get involved in the game, you can purchase the Mighty Eagle. That is a one-time in-application which is unlimited to use. With the help of Mighty Eagle you can wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. Consider that you can use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level only once per hour.
With the reason of celebrating Angry Birds’ 2nd anniversary and all episodes are unlocked now.
                                                                          Price of the Angry Bird is $0.99

Fruit Ninja. That is very tasty game with squishy fruit carnage. After you swipe your fingers across the screen, you should slash a splatter fruit deliciously. You will feel like a true ninja warrior. Just be careful of bombs which are explosive to touch. Wise ninja Sensei will accompany your journey with wise words and fun fruit facts. The game features Classic, Zen and Arcade mode. It also has achievements for unlock. Enjoy with the most satisfying fruit game!
Price of the Fruit Ninja is $0.99

Angry Birds Seasons. It is the most waited period of the year but the pigs are up to their tricks, as they always used to. You should use your best puzzle skills to help Angry birds. The newest Angry bird will make an appearance and you will meet the big pig on the last day. It will be an egg-citing holiday season!

Mighty Eagle, mentioned upwards, is again available for assisting you in fight against pigs.
Consider that you need network connection to get daily level.
Price of the Angry Birds Seasons is $0.99

We will review top free and iPad applications. So stay on our line not to miss any detail. Before that, see the summary of Apple applications and notify in comments if you want us to review any of them. If there is an application which you have not downloaded yet, do not hesitate, that is applications of the year!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Motorola against Apple, still patent war

On Dec-9, a German court issued an injunction against sales of the Apple products in Germany. The court announced its ruling on one of the patent infringement lawsuits Motorola Mobility brought in Germany against Apple in Apr-2011. The Mannheim Regional Court also ruled that Motorola is entitled to a damage reward. Battle between the companies shouldn't be something new for our readers.

Apple is going to appeal this ruling, its spokesperson affirmed: “We’re going to appeal the court’s ruling right away, holiday shoppers in Germany should have no problem finding the iPad or iPhone they want.”

As Motorola has confirmed they have had negotiations with Apple since 2007 over a license to the technology. As for now they seem enemies to each other, the company says: “We will continue our efforts to resolve our patent dispute as soon as practicable.”

Monday, December 12, 2011

iPhone SMS Apps for Christmas

With the upsurge of social networking, SMS conversations are becoming more and more occasional. Despite the numerous options for free communication, (like Skype, Facebook  and other social networking apps offer), text messaging still stays to be something more private, and is still used for some special and truly remarkable events.

Texting with iPhone has numerous advantages over other smartphones, as there are tons of apps that make the process more convenient and secure.  We have already discussed some apps that make text messaging quicker, easier and much funnier, such as:

If you’re our loyal reader, you should also be aware of EMOJI icons  and should already know how to keep iPhone SMS conversations in secret. As the holiday season has almost come, you definitely will have to send over text messages all through your contact list. We think it’s quite timely to share some more SMS apps related to Christmas, to make this process less boring for you and more fun for your recipients.

  • Christmas Wishes SMS  – containing almost 200 readymade wishes for every person important to you, grouped in thematic categories.
  • Xmas New Year SMS - containing hundreds of greeting text messages, with constant update for FREE.
  • Winter SMS  - Christmas and New Year – offering wide collection of the cutest SMS for Christmas and New Year.
  • SMS-BOX: Christmas Time! Lite - a massive collection of Xmas texts and cards to send your loved ones, friends, colleagues, relatives and everyone you wish, by means of SMS, MMS or email.
  • Christmas SMS 2012  - offers a list of the best Internet Christmas messages, selected and classified by festivities and types.

This is all by now; please share your feedback about the apps once you've downloaded them, as most of the offered apps are not rated in iTunes yet, for reasonable causes- no one has actually used them as Christmas is yet still ahead! 

Friday, December 09, 2011

Summary of Apple Applications 2011

The year is finishing, we should wait for some surprises next year but before that let’s see the summary of the year. Everyone has its own taste but most people have something in common as well. Don’t you want to know whether your beloved apps  are appreciated or not? See some statistics below.

Apple has released its annual lists of top selling music, applications, movies, TV shows and podcasts for the 2011. As expected, the winner is Angry Birds, as for free applications, the title was awarded to Facebook app for iOS.

iPhone is usually used for playing some games and top list of the games includes: Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, etc.

As for non-games, users like: Netflix, Facebook, Skype, Pandora, Twitter, etc.

Apple has also selected its own favorite application for iPhone and the winner is “Instagram”.

See some other interesting lists below.

1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. Cut the Rope
5. Tiny Wings
6. Angry Birds Rio
7. Words With Friends
8. Camera+
9. Doodle Jump
10. Plants vs. Zombies
Top Free iPhone Apps:
1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words with Friends Free
4. Angry Birds Free
5. Skype
6. Netflix
7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Groupon
9. Fruit Ninja Lite
10. Twitter
Top Free iPad Apps
1. Angry Birds HD Free
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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Some surprise for you under iOS5

One reason why people prefer chatting in internet than sending messages via mobile phone is that they use some characters available for internet only. With some symbols they express their emotions better and talking with friends is not boring and ‘black and white’. While sending text messages from your phone, you should utterance your feelings with some punctuation marks’ help. For those, who have iOS5 operating system, that all is behind.

Most people did not know that iPhone had a feature, called EMOJI. In your iOS5 settings, you can find it in “general” menu, under “keyboard.” See there a prompt for “international keyboards” and then “EMOJI.”

With EMOJI’s help you can widen your message visually. Distinguished from emotions, it does not depict only facial expression and body posture. There you can find hundreds of illustrated icons that cartoon everything from foods to flags to animals to plants, etc. For example instead of texting “I’m in the bus,” you can just show a picture of a bus. Some of the symbols are presented in animated form as well – repeating sequences of 2-4 images.

Is not this funny and nice? Has your mind about mobile text messages changed?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Patent War Continues

via Reuters News Report
Apple is one of the richest companies and some people cannot even imagine that it can make any mistake, but it happens.

Motorola has brought a lawsuit against Apple. The reason is a patent infringement. The final judgment is not made yet, but the thing to note is that Motorola’s position was not regarded by the court on the very first hearing.

One more case about patent issues is that Apple licensed out the iOS scrolling patent to Nokia and IBM. It offered the same patent license to Samsung in Nov-2010 as well, but the negotiation has failed due to unidentified reasons. Whether these two parties are still holding settlement negotiations or not, is unknown too.

Another misfortune for Apple was the fact that court denied its request to block Samsung Galaxy from selling in the U.S. Apple sued against Samsung in April, it said that South Korean company’s Galaxy line of mobile phones copies the iPhone and iPad. But it’s a fact that after this resonant case the Samsung share price has increased significantly.

As for now, Apple gives some suggestions to Samsung on how to design phones so they don’t look similar to “iProductoin.” The company indicates that Samsung smartphones should not have overall rectangular shapes and rounded corners, they should make items with front surfaces that are not completely flat and should also clutter the appearance of their devices. Samsung has not officially responded to these suggestions by Apple yet.

These can be understood as destroying Steve Jobs’s ideals because once he said:

”I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

In a word, Apple has some nuisances but probably it will manage to solve the problems, as it always did.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Apple TV Rumor Roundup

Do you remember some rumors have said   that Apple was planning to release the Apple television? The information is not confirmed yet but some rumors about the upcoming product design have already blown out.

It is said that Apple television will come in three sizes; two of them are expected to be a 32” and a 55”. The rumor says that Japanese are involved in manufacturing the new product. Author of the rumor is expectedly Japanese himself. The source says that the television will have an ability to implement voice commands.

The Daily Telegraph in the UK says that Apple is manufacturing the new product with the assistance of Jeff Robbin’s, the one who contributed to the iPod and iTunes creation. Apple declined to comment about the issue.

When or whether Apple will release the television is not known yet.
Monday, December 05, 2011

Syria without iPhone

A branch of the Syrian Finance Ministry has officially banned using iPhones in the country. The motivation behind of the decision is to avoid sharing videos and news of the massive protests, ongoing in the country. The ban has occurred as soon as the Syrian government was increasingly isolated by the West and its Arab neighbors.

Customs Department of the Syrian Finance Ministry affirmed: "The use of the iPhone must be prohibited due to the forbidden features that have been banned by the general telecommunications company. (…) This is a legal ruling and iPhones will be seized."

Journalists and not only they used the device to spread visuals of a violent crackdown of antigovernment protesters. Syria has barred foreign media from the country but visual information has spread easily. The situation is very serious because while rebellion 4.000 people have died since March.

In November the activists launched an application for iPhone and iPad. The application is called Souria Wa Bas and it means “Syria that is all.” With the application’s help, its users could share news, photos, videos; they could locate places of opposition hot spots too. The application was intensively used for jokes about Assad also.

Consider that Steve Jobs’s father is Syrian and we can affirm that his great invention is banned in his own country. As for his father, he has come out against the government and said: "I am in solidarity with the Syrian people; I reject the brutality and killing that the Syrian authorities are committing against the unarmed Syrian people. And because silence is participation in this crime, I declare my participation in the Syrian sit-in on YouTube."

Social network is used while rebellion as well. Some protests were organized with Facebook’s and Twitter’s help. It was used for spreading some confidential information too. Maybe banning the social networks is next step in Syrian Government’s time-table.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Your iPhone without Carrier IQ

Did you know that your telephone tracks you with Carrier IQ? Or you do not even know what Carrier IQ is?
Never mind, most people did know neither one , nor second until this week.

Carrier IQ is a service which helps manufacturers to collect information about how you use their products in real world. It serves the information up. With this information manufacturers study performance, make business decisions and improve products. The software is installed by your carrier or your phone manufacturer; it is not part of any Operating System. However, most people did not know about that.

Carrier IQ is an "embedded analytics company" and it says that its software is installed on over 140 million devices.

This week a hacker chpwn has tweeted that he had found Carrier IQ software in iOS3. It has been confirmed that these references actually exists in iOS5 also and it has different name:

However it seems that it is more limited for iOS than for Android. The hack says on his blog: " does not appear the daemon has any access or communication with the UI layer, where text entry is done." If this is true, it means that iOS has no connection with your passwords, emails, SMS texts, etc. and most important, Carrier IQ only kicks in when your phone is in Diagnostic Mode.

In a word, no one sure knows what is being logged and sent off but the fact is that people do not like this, they feel like someone is controlling them and that is comprehensible.

“We stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update. With any diagnostic data sent to Apple, customers must actively opt-in to share this information, and if they do, the data is sent in an anonymous and encrypted form and does not include any personal information. We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic data and have no plans to ever do so” – affirmed apple on Thursday. You know the company usually considers complaints of its users,(for example, the recent survey proved that iPhone 4S has a satisfaction rate above 90%) will you believe it or not, it is up to you.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Use Bluetooth without tapping anything

To use Bluetooth or other Settings with only your voice is not very difficult. Here is a tip given by a hack.
All you have to do is to create a contact and then in the Web site field put the code for the system preference. 

Example: Contact name is Bluetooth and the Web address is prefs:root=General&path=Bluetooth

After this, activate Siri and say “Bluetooth.” the contact Card will open a clickable link right to the Bluetooth settings.

See other common settings: 

Sounds: prefs:root=Sounds
Brightness: prefs:root=Brightness
Airplane Mode: prefs:root=Airplane_Mode
Wallpapers: prefs:root=Wallpaper
With using the same procedure, you can create contacts to launch applications as well.

Hope you are not too lazy to turn the settings off manually… until hackers discover a way to turn them off with SIRI’s help.

Is not this useful for you? Enjoy with your phone and do not disturb your hands.