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Apple and Android Are Getting Closer Day By Day

Though Android is still the leader in mobile operating system race, after releasing of the iPhone 4S, the gap is getting smaller. 

According to a study from Nielsen which was conducted among 75,000 consumers over the age of 18, releasing of iPhone 4S had an enormous impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Among those who bought a new smartphone in December, 44.5% chose an iPhone, compared to just 25.1 percent in October.

Android continues to lead among all U.S. smartphone users with 46.3 percent, but it declined from 61.6 percent in October to 46.9 percent in December. As we all can see, Apple's phones’ growth is a great detriment for Android.

We should consider, that 46% of U.S. mobile consumers had smartphones as of December 2011, so in 2012, as more people buy a smartphone, the battle between the companies is set to get even hotter, however if Apple releases iPhone5…